On December 12th, Avi Dichter, the head of the Shin Bet security services, in a security meeting in Harselieh city, north of
On December 12th, Avi Dichter, the head of the Shin Bet security services, in a security meeting in Harselieh city, north of Tel Aviv, said: after the fall of Iraqi government, Iran is the biggest threat against Iran. According to him, Iran's fighting against Israel with all means and has no fear of attacking Israel's interests and buildings abroad. He stressed: "Iran's threat against Iran is completely clear!" December 14, 2003 Maryam Rajavi, the wife of MKO's leader, in a meeting in the UK said: "Iran Mullahs whose slogans on "conquering Qods through Karbala", have found a new chance again in Iraq which its majority are Shiites… we announce to the world from here that the daily-increasing threat of Mullah's conspiracies and terrorism is now one hundred times greater than its nuclear threat!!" This turning won't be much surprising when we know that Israel announced , before the IAEA, that this agency has not found any documents on Iran trying to get to nuclear weapons! But what is that threat which has made Iran hundred times more dangerous than the nuclear weapons and how has it become clear for Israel that Iran's threat is serious? In the editorial of Mojahed Journal no.369 (2004.01.20) we read: "Iraq, after the war, due to the geopolitical situation of the Middle east, has stayed the world's number one political issue. From the arguments of the leaders of nations in recent UN meetings to the current conflicts and tensions in the regional and continental levels and from US elections to Palestine evens and Middle East peace and the events of Iran, the political affairs have found relations with Iraqi situation. Now, this key question should be answered that "what is the main threat and main strategic contrast in current conflicted Iraq?" With no doubt, one side of this contrast (as Maryam Rajavi says) is the majority of Shiites in Iraq. What power does this majority threaten? The answer for mentioned MKO question will be achieved by understanding this formula! Khalil Al-Anani, Arab political expert, opens this formula for us: "no one is able to find that how much Israelis were self-controlling toward the case of Iraq during the war. Israelis had adopted the strategy of "remotely controlling" and waited for US victory in places where their benefits would be guaranteed and so, they followed the events of war carefully. This continued until the ambitions of Israel became apparent gradually and now it's being emphasized that sharing interests by Israel in Iraq case, regarding the strong ties of Hawks and Tel Aviv Extremists, is something natural. The benefit Israel is taking from Iraq's disaster can't be summarized in security and strategic dimensions but it has economical aspects too. So, it's not surprising if Israel's financial and economical centers are happy by the fall of Iraqi regime and call it indirect victory of Israel in Arabic region, especially when Iraqi had no relations with Israel since the occupation of Palestine in 1948. For the first time, this was Israeli "Yusef Patriski" who announced Israel's plan after the fall of Saddam by saying his country likes to restore the old oil pipelines which were cut off since 1948. Israel's economical goals in Iraq are different and are not limited to having a share in rebuilding Iraq. Israel is looking for long-term economical goals in Iraq, some of which really achievable. Some of these goals are as follows: Escaping from current economical inflation, since most of economical fields in Israel have been closed down after the beginning of "Second Intifadah" and this has put the government at the threshold of destruction. Current economical situation of Israel has been unique since the formation of Hebrew government. The opening of Iraq's market onto the Israel's products, which is been considered as expansion of exports after two years. Turning Iraq to a key for fleeing from the isolation made by Arabs, this paves the way for reestablishment of relations between Israel and Arab nations. We should accept this reality that Iraq war guarantees strategic, security and economical interests of Israel and in fact there's no main obstacle for their presence in Iraq and getting good advantage." Mojahedin, in new context, have repeatedly announced that they can be the main obstacle in front of the strengthening of Shiites in Iraq. The statement of Mojahedin in November says: insisting on soon elections in Iraq, will lead to the victory of Shiites, who are close to Iran, and their success. Iraqi Governing council has ordered the expulsion of MKO from Iraq. Americans' silence about this order is a proof for its legality and their agreement with it. But it seems that it's been decided to use their potentiality. Mojahedin are supposed to hold a concert again in Washington on January 24th , in order to remind their role to those who should know it so that they may stop being destroyed. So,from now on, MKO's activities won't be performed unless for the benefit of Israel and its Fascist ideas in the region.

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