When Saddam Hussein defended MKO and built military bases for them in Iraq, he wanted to use MKO as a winner card
When Saddam Hussein defended MKO and built military bases for them in Iraq, he wanted to use MKO as a winner card against the presence of thousands of Iraqi Shiites who lived in Iraq and the para-military Badr Brigade. Despite his efforts, this group couldn't push Iran, as Iraqi Shiites and Badr effected Iraq, and the role of this group summarized in giving secret information to Iraq's intelligence service. The clear contradiction here is that these two sides, Iraq and Iran, were considered by the US as "axis of evil" and the strategic centers of these two countries were targets of the US. As it became clear during US invasion against Iraq, these centers, which were strategic and military bases in the countries, were targeted by the U.S. and this was a victory for Iran since widened the role of it in the region. That is, war between Iraq and the US ended eventually with Iran getting benefits. After the occupation of Iraq, Mojahedin-e Khalq will be under the control of American officials and not the Iraqi authorities, since there's no firm decision-making body in Iraq and Iraqi Governing council is considered as a mediator between US forces and Iraqi groups. One of the cases the IGC has discussed is the case of Mojahedin-e Khalq. MKO is a bargaining chip for the US and also a tool of pressing Iran. Despite the order of IGC to expel MKO from Iraq until the end of 2003, there has been no practical action against them since the American side wants a good reaction. Of course, we should consider this that changing the statement of IGC and keeping MKO forces in Iraq to use them against Iran as a press tool seems unlikely. In Iraq also, there's not a single united stance toward MKO and the variety of stances refer to the stance of occupiers. Of course, despite the differences on other issues among IGC members, they all agree on the case of MKO, and beside the Shiite leaders and those who are happy with the fall of Saddam, they want immediate expulsion of MKO. Between these two views is the stance of the United States. This county has put MKO's card in its pocket and treats this group according to its occupying benefits in Iraq and its interests toward Iran. The interests of Iraqi people, who demonstrate in Iraq against this group, are not valuable in comparison with those of Americans but the unity of IGC with the US takes place easily. Dr. Rashid wrote this article for Jordan-based daily "Al-Arab Al-Yum" and you can read Arabic article at:

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