Al-Riadh newspaper revealed that Israel's security and intelligence service (Mossad) is behind the recent explosions in some
Al-Riadh newspaper revealed that Israel's security and intelligence service (Mossad) is behind the recent explosions in some Iraqi cities. Al-Riadh, quoting some informed European sources, said that Mossad has recently recruited several supporters of former regime in order to achieve suicide attacks. These attacks are being planned by the Israeli officers. Meanwhile, both sides (Israelis and the supporters of former Iraqi regime) have concluded that they should rebel in order to achieve their goals. These sources added: the extent of the operation which was conducted in the Eskandariah, south of Baghdad and claimed the lives of many Iraqi citizens, will increase in the future, so that the atmosphere would be shown as critical and to show that legal elections in Iraq is not possible; this provides them with their bilateral goals. This is the second plan of Mossad after the fall of Saddam, in which Mojahedin-e Khalq are used. In this plan, Mossad, first by giving satellite pictures of Natanz to Mojahedin, tried to impress the IAEA. That plan failed due to the cooperation of Iran with the IAEA and its following statement. MKO's role, as the ones who have independent information from inside Iran, in that plan was to complete Israel's claims. But Israeli experts recognized a point as the main sensitive point for confrontation with Iran and to stimulate the US to attack Iran. Iraq is where all have concentrated on. It's now more sensitive than ever before, even when Saddam was threatened of attacks. Mojahedin have also understood that if Iraq undergoes a democratic and clean process, they (MKO) will be pushed out of the country; and this is what they don't want at all. They have built a city for themselves in Iraq. It's impossible to do such a thing in any other places in the world. They know that if the fences of their camp are removed, they will lose more than half of their forces. So, Israeli's mind and thought comes to help them. Understanding this connection is not that difficult. Immediately after the failure of Israeli lobby in IAEA, they said Iran's presence in Iraq is dangerous. Maryam Rajavi, in a message in London, where intelligence cooperation of both sides are coordinated, said that "Iran's presence in Iraq is really dangerous"!! Now, Mohammed Seyed Al-Mohaddessin, MKO's foreign committee chief, after a long time of silence, came to the scene with a book which says pro-Saddam and Al-qaeda operations against US forces in Iraq, which are done by the Mossad, are performed by Iran! The conclusion of the book is very ridiculous. Based on groundless statements, he claimes that MKO's presence in Iraq will prevent Iran from being active in Iraq!!! He introduces his book to the European parliament, while Israel is in fact directing the case. It is hard to believe that the US doesn't understand this move of Israel in Iraq. Have they sold MKO to Israel?! We will soon find the answer. But, there's no doubt that everyone knows that the information presented by MKO is baseless. Everyone understands that their efforts to preserve Israel's honor will remain unrewarded.

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