By establishing our forces in the bases of organization in the border areas and Iraqi forces' bases, will instigate regime.
Masoud Rajavi expresses the policy of Mojahedin's war igniting as follows (1): "By establishing our forces in the bases of organization in the border areas and Iraqi forces' bases, will instigate regime. Regime will not stay beside and will deploy its forces to the border areas or will perform some activities inside Iraq which will end to our benefit and at the same time makes Iraq react. This will deepen tension and I will start the war if you are the men of fighting…" Then, Rajavi analyzed Iran's condition in the international scene as follows: "we should adapt our situation with considering the different conditions of the regime…about the relation of regime with the U.S. through Khatami, this is not possible since Velayate Faqih is at the top of the regime… we should enter the scene severely in order not to lose the scene. Since Khatami has come up, he has disrupted our system and we didn't advance. Since Khatami adopted the policy of détente and forged reforms, our system screwed…we should keep the scene outside the country to our own advantage…" then he concludes that war is their remedy and explains Iraq as follows: "To transfer forces to the border and establish border camps, Iraq agrees. The point is that we should access the border cities. Iraq has promised to help us and even Iraqi air force will be backing us and recently we have received 5000 to 6000 shells for Chieftain tanks… Iraq has promised to support us fully and its air force will back us and is ready for any kind of help but the condition of Iraq for giving us the license of operation and crossing the border is assurance of toppling the regime… we should bring Iraq and Iran to the war." One again, Rajavi asks all the members: "Are you the men of war and toppling the regime?" All the members answer: yes Rajavi says again: if you are the men of fight I will start a war for you. Rajavi knew that the slogan of toppling is much bigger than the 4000 members, most of whom had not experience the war at all. Saddam knew this fact better than everyone else! That's why he didn't pay attention to Mojahedin after his last joint operation with Mojahedin in 1988 and he used them only is a card in relations. Therefore, Rajavi was going to ignite a war. His recognition was right. If it was supposed to be a war again in the region, it was only Saddam who could lead it! Now, when MKO's moral father has been captured, this group's remnants, in hope of escaping from their deadlock, are once again adopting the theory of "igniting the war." Mojahedin, with a foolish and childish view, are thinking of repeating Iraq's scenario in Iran, even by instigating the forces who are faithful to the interests of Israel in the region of Middle East. Of course, some time ago (in 1980) Mojahedin were thinking of lebonanizing Iran and frightened others of their weapons. Although Iran didn't become Lebonan, but the Mojahedin were engaged in a fate like that of Daroozis and Falanges. This time also, they think they can make the US start a war against Iran. Meanwhile, experts in political affairs emphasize that Americans, with the current situation in Iraq and to solve the problems, are going to transfer power to Iraqis and decrease the military atmosphere in the region! That how Mojahedin have recognized that they can ignite a war, in spite of the presence of hundreds of theorists in the US, is one of the examples showing their childish attitudes toward the affairs. Certainly, they have not thought that even if their dream is met, the US will not 3800 terrorists and will be tougher than the US. 1. This matter was said in the famous meeting "Contrast and Woman" in 1999, in Baqerzadeh camp.

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