The outcomes of Mr. Rajavi's ideological revolution, after the fall of Iraqi regime, become identical!- a revolution which
The outcomes of Mr. Rajavi's ideological revolution, after the fall of Iraqi regime, become identical!- a revolution which seemed impossible to digest until yesterday, today, with the films of flatterers of Rajavi's totalitarian cult published, has become understandable. That was why Mr. Rajavi, in one of the meetings, said openly: "if you can't see the fruits of this revolution now, wait, I don't know, a year, or 5 or even ten years from now you'll understand. (Masoud Rajavi- spring of 1985)" now, around twenty years after the historical vow of ideological leader, the fruits of this modern revolution appear and to understand it one doesn't needs to pass the complexity of time!- Mr. Rajavi, after the ideological revolution, promised to burn the reactionary impurities and bring the hope of freedom, he reported of new birth!- Mojahedin-e Khalq organization, after a painful childbirth, gave birth to a new cult. A cult which was the result of Mr. Rajavi's failure in attracting masses; masses whose revolutionary wrath made Mr. Rajavi hurry in returning to his real nature. Appearance and Nature The internal coup of Shahram and Bahram (Bahram Aram and Taghi Shahram) in the history of Mojahedin-e Khalq was always considered as a turning point for deviation in struggle, but Mr. Rajavi with his ideological coup wants to put it in the form of ideological revolution and give it to the forces. He made a military cult of the Mojahedin organization and brainwashed the forces with a psychological process so that the stages of this coup would end without any problem to the benefit of Rajavi's ambitious nature. Therefore, to know the nature of the cult of Mr. Rajavi we should necessarily study the discussions of ideological revolution. To those who want to play the role of godfather for the cult, in the absence of Saddam Hussein, we strongly suggest that before using them as tools have a survey in the reactionary, compromising, opportunistic and terrorist nature of Rajavi's cult; and so, I suggest they study the discussions of ideological revolution which are the result of Rajavi's maneuvers as the ideological leader and theorist of this ideological coup; and then conclude and learn a lesson from studying Rajavi's siding with Hussein in Iraq. Then with a statistical look at the terrorist operations of this terrorist cult in Iran and Iraq, and comparing their behavior in political and international communities, US and Europe, they will get to the point that "investing on this cult will be like expecting a seed to grow in morass!" The appearance of the Natures Iraqi soil, between the years of 1980 and 2004, was the scene of Natures appearing; contraries of Iran and Iranians started butchering the people of Iran. June of 1986, the curtain went down and Masoud Rajavi announced his sympathy with Saddam by going to Iraq. If the nature of Masoud and Saddam were different from each other, there's no doubt that there would be a war of wolves on getting the spoils of war with Iran. There were repeated meetings, before and after Masoud went to Baghdad, on the issue of choosing Iraq in order to answer the rising questions about siding with Ba'th party. They wanted to repeat the meetings in order to the decrease the outcomes. The writer remembers that for justifying the presence in Iraq a large amount of energy was spent during months. These justifications convinced the members that new phase paves the way for toppling regime. The critics of this shameful treaty were accused of ideological weakness. Masoud wrote on the board: armed struggle has nobility, but from which border….?!! They taught and we learnt: for all the leaders and cadres of Mojahedin, it's clear like daylight, that the only way of continuing this part of struggle was direct countenance with Iran! It wasn't important from which border, it was important the neighboring country was providing this possibility for the organization! Saddam's government was ready to give this possibility to Mojahedin, and at the same time he respected our political-practical independence!! – not for being interested in Mojahedin and their resistance but because he needed the opening a new front to fight his enemy! (the above sentences have been taken from personal notes, related to the meeting of 1987 and from the sentences of Rajavi's theorists) now, we look at our past and return to the memories of those times and see the situation of people, we regret that were hypnotized by the wizardry of a person who put Iran, Iranian and the glorious history of Mojahedin beside the Ba'th party and dictator Saddam. From being Alternative to Extraditon! Natural feedback of ideological revolution Twelve years ago, when the cult of Rajavis were the guest at Saddam's house and were feed from the pockets of Iraqi people they did their best to be the legal alternative for the regime. At that time some UK parliamentarians voted in the favor of MKO's alternativeness and today we see that cult's members ask for Parliamentarians' help due to the fear of extradition!! Isn't this the result of cult-like thoughts and of the outcomes of ideological revolution?! 01.23.2004

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