Kulakovsky, the Philosophy professor at the Universities of Warsaw and Oxford in his great article "Totalitarianism and the
A brief talk with separated members of MKO and dear compatriots Kulakovsky, the Philosophy professor at the Universities of Warsaw and Oxford in his great article "Totalitarianism and the virtue of Lying" writes: "the real purpose of totalitarianism is to promote its ideological dominance so that in which there's no signs of private life and human beings shrink to a series of symbols of ideological mottos. In the other words, the ideology of totalitarians destroys the private form of life." This very ideology expresses the function and special meaning of lying in a totalitarian system. This function is so unique and innovative that even the term "lying" appears meaningless… What is the duty of Ministry of Truth, where the hero of Orvel's 1984 works? They destroy documents and signs of the past and publish new versions of newspapers and old books. Their purpose is to make people forget everything- all realities, terms, the dead and even the names of locations. Let's see what will happen if this comes true! People will only remember what they've been taught and if necessary they content of their memories could be changed overnight. Knowledge means memory; those, whose memories are controlled and changed from outside, have in fact no identity and are not human beings. This is the final goal of totalitarian systems. Those, whose personal and common memories are being confiscated, are only a puppet… the unreal purpose of totalitarians is to confiscate the mind and moral of the people. The quality and quantity of lying isn't extraordinary in totalitarian system, but social, mental and recognizing functions of lying are important. We, in the process of completing our knowledge of totalitarianism, unwillingly recognized the "virtue of Lying" in Mojahedin-e khalq, since we faced their lies about Irandidban website and its interaction with other websites. Of course, we were aware of the culture of Mojahedin and their behavior even before we think of creating a website. We expected such kind of behavior from Mojahedin. Principally, our purpose is to face totalitarian lies of Mojahedin and to reveal the changes they make to the realities of the past and now, although we can't ignore MKO's terrorism when facing its inabilities. But, why did Mojahedin, in their lies, called Irandidban as a creation of "Iran's intelligence ministry" and as "mother-site of other websites"? we can bring 3 points here: 1- Irandidban has focused its efforts, from the day it was born up to now, on undeniable facts and documents which are booked by separated members of MKO and have been collected to be used against the lies of those who want to change the history as they want. On the other hand, some can work on these documents and turn them to reference for other researchers and experts and those who are in need of such documents. Some news agencies and news networks have already used Irandidban's archive and some others have ordered their needs. Besides, we wanted to speak scientifically and documentarily so that some people can't change the realities and the history of our country by scolding and insulting. For example, we spent several weeks on Mojahedin's journals to take out the statistics of their assassinations which was given by they themselves. On other articles, we tried to present them so that they are easy to understand even for some researches who are not familiar with this case. There's no doubt that even those who have not political experience of past 2 decades will also get the experiment from these very documents. 2- Recent lies, which have been said not only for Irandidban but also for other websites, is a part of Mojahedin's psychological war against freedom-seekers and public thought; a war in which they have defeated some by using records of separated members and inhumane methods; a war not only against us but also against others which MKO has continued during past 22 years against all political and social movements of Iran. They do it because they want no voice except theirs; they don't want to be questioned. But one of the principals in which we believe is that reasonable and wise sayings and words are respectable, whoever the speaker is. So, we expect you to help us as usual by sending us your documents, comments,… 3- But the 3rd point about Mojahedin: before they pay attention to the external effects of such responds, they are looking for internal use for themselves and their supporters. Using clichés, ready-made words, insults, and usual accusations in an immoral way, play the role of a protector for them which keeps them from questions, realities and facts. In the end we suffice to a sentence by Socrates: "these frozen ideas are so accessible that one access them even when dreaming, but if the wind of mind which I want to raise in you now, wakes you up, then you'll see that you have nothing except limitations and restrictions." With best regards Irandidban

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