Whether during the US-led invasion to Iraq or France's act against MKO leaders in Paris, some, by taking vague and non-
Whether during the US-led invasion to Iraq or France's act against MKO leaders in Paris, some, by taking vague and non-political positions, supported MKO and also went further and verified terrorism to oppose Iranian Islamic regime. The position of these supporters, who are seemingly opponents of Mojahedin and hurry to help them when necessary under the cover of "Human rights" and "humanitarian bases", is like a fifth column in the front of oppositions and Iranians abroad! One of these guys, who was repeatedly insulted by Mojahedin after he quit the MKO council, was Mr. Ali Asghar Sadr-e Hajj Seyed Javadi. Recently, he has published an announcement with the purpose of making a security wall which protects him against Mojahedin. This statement has presented a very shallow analysis of France's move (which itself increases the ambiguities of the statement) and it means that he is unfamiliar with international relations and changing laws and even political events. About the purposes of French Government he says: "Such an attack, with this wide range of propagandas and with more than 1300 fully equipped police officers, in a way as if sleeping residents of the district are ready behind their trenches, had two purposes. First, France's foreign purpose of satisfying a regime which now suppresses the youths and destroys and loots students' dormitory; second, interior purposes which is aimed at showing the vigilance of interior ministry." Mr. Seyed Javadi has referred several times to this case that France was aware of the activities of Mojahedin, so the French Police's readiness when attacking MKOs is justifialble. Be sure and don't deny that one, relying on reason and wise, can count on such an assumption even if one percent. Moreover, we should clarify a note for everyone. Although it is impossible for him not to know, Mr. Sadr's description of sleeping people in the headquarters brings this idea to the mind that they were seemingly living like the poor and that were waiting for a Victor Hugo to come and write the story of their lives! Mr. Sadr Hajj Seyed Javadi! If you're not aware of issues, it is not right to say as such; but if you're pretending that you know nothing, we bring a note here for readers of your statement: The place of sleepers in Auvers-sur-Oise has been MKO's headquarter for terrorist activities from 1981 to 1985. During these years around 10000 operations (whether successful or not) were directed from there. This place was the bridge of those who came to Paris from Iran via Pakistan and those who were sent to Iraq for military trainings. Until 1986, more than 1000 members were sent to Iraq by this center; of course, you can get the precise statistics from those sleepers themselves. After 1986, in which Rajavi was expelled, this center has been MKO's main headquarter in Europe. All the process of money laundering has been done in this center; so that first they put Iraqi money in Swiss banks and then the money was distributed among other parts of the group by this center. It is good to know that members of this group were sent to Iran to fire mortars on innocent people, they were equipped with special devices which were controlled by this very center in Paris. … But let's go to the purposes of France in his viewpoint: does he really thinks that the French government has acted against MKO to satisfy Iran? With this reason that Iran is now engaged in internal protests!?? Before everything we should say that it is not good for a man like him to give MKO's analyses, guesses that have no relations with reality, to the people. As Mr. Bani Sadr says: "everybody knows that Mojahedin have nothing to do with Iran's internal affairs and that MKOs are hated among Iranians." Is France now dealing with an hard economical or political crisis to satisfy Iran for it?? France supported Mojahedin in most severe situation, and now, when it is in the best kind of relationship with Iran, why should it risk when it knows better than any other humanitarian activist that it would have consequences? If he said France is satisfying the US to draw a blank on everything (specially divisions over Iraq war), it would be more realistic. However, some realist experts say that this move was a show of stability against the US. Furthermore, internal competition among the political officials of France is not a new phenomenon which might have led to the arrests of MKOs! Fortunately, we see that all French officials have a taken similar stance toward MKOs. A Basic Question; Can someone justify terrorism under the cover of defending human rights? Mr. Sadr Hajj Seyed Javadi in his statement ( which certainly reflects his opinions) and in the place of a defender of human rights have done so. Please notice: "in the global policy and international relations of strong and tyrant governments, you can find nothing except lie, conspiracy and fallacy. The terrorist description for Mojahedin organization is not a fault but something for being proud. But Mojahedin organization even lacks such a pride." And in another place: "Rajavi's distance with the Carlos, the Abu Nayef and the Bin Laden in the field of terrorism is the distance of zero and Billion. Living beside the enemy and maneuvering with the weapons of enemy and looking for opportunities which have been made by others is neither in the culture of guerilla wars nor Terrorism policy." Mr. Seyed Javadi who says Mojahedin lack the pride of terrorism descriptions, is surely looking at the current situation of the group and is not looking at the past when he was himself an ally of the group and has forgotten those old days when the leader of today's cult ordered 3 assassinations each day. Has he forgotten the assassination of 16000 (mostly civilian) people, and 100000 bomings?? Has he forgotten that MKOs killed some old clerics by suicide attack? Has Mr. Sadr forgotten the assassination of president and prime minister of Iran? They were condemned so much when they bombed Jomhoori Party so that they have never talked about it since 1983. Isn't siding with Saddam and performing his attacks on Iran a pride for them??? Does the distance of Rajavi with Bin Laden and others make any difference in the essence of the case? Do we comparison the one who has killed one person with the one who has killed many? Is this kind of comparison according to the principals of human rights? If they have become silent it's because of their strategic failure, otherwise they would have done everything they could. Notice to one case which is happening these days; what difference do you see between MKO's self-immolations and Al-Qaeda suicide moves? Anyway, terrorism today has special aspects which we should accept, despite his idea that there is conspiracy and …. Although the essence of his words, which rises from his knowledge about Rajavi, is correct and they have found him as abject, the biggest crimes in the history were made by the abject. Mr. Seyed Javadi pretend to know Mojahedin very good; this is restricted to his knowledge of Masoud Rajavi and some other members and it is clear that he is not familiar with the entity of the group otherwise he hasn't accused France as such: "however the French government is familiar with the situation of MKO and the position of Masoud Rajavi, it has no information about the way in which Masoud is going to oppose Islamic regime of Iran…" …"huge attack by police to Mojahedin members who live alone by themselves and like a cult could be considered as a fresh and lively air for the lungs of the organization and specially Rajavi." Mr. Seyed Javadi! Be sure that the idea that the group is a cult has been formed in Europe and by Iranian experts who knew the relations of this group. For example, notice to the books which had been used by US Department of State's 1994 report. French officials also, after seeing the self-immolations by Mojahedin, referred to them as a sect. Moreover, what can being-a-cult prove? That a group can't be dangerous? It's good for you to know that the most terrorist groups ( now and in the past) were following cult-like groups. When he said he doesn't know Mojahedin, the reason is that he doesn't know their main plans and agenda otherwise he wouldn't consider Police's attack as a fresh air… That some say Mojahedin use such cases to set forth themselves is somehow true, but let me say you something: if France's move becomes judicial and leads to the elimination of Mojahedin in France, it will be certainly more striking than the death of Mosa Khiabani (group's second man), which led to the elimination of group from Iran, and the fall of Saddam, which led to the elimination of Mojahedin from Iraq. We can't judge completely about the incentives of Mr. Seyed Javadi. There's no doubt that he has other affections: "we are concerned about the sacrificing generation that Masoud doesn't care them at all…" Noting that some of the relatives of Mr. Sadr are in Mojahedin organization we can appreciate his concern. But nobody, not him and not anybody else, can produce laws and rules under the name of defending rights: "although MKO and Masoud Rajavi don't believe in human rights principles, the duty of defenders of human rights is to defend them." Defending human rights has its own rules. How is it possible to defend a group whose way and purpose is against democracy and civilization?? Everybody knows that the essence of this group with its sect-like relations is in contradiction to the basic human rights. Haven't you received any reports about the relatives of MKOs and former members or prisons? Everybody knows that Mojahedin are the main obstacle in the way of democracy in Iran and for freedom-seeking movements. All Iranians outside Iran should first clarify their position toward the existence of such a group and then we are sure that what Iranians will vote to whould be more better and honorable than what Rajavi has done to members and supporters.

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