Terrorism's governments publicizing is often to "showing off the power" and is illogical and is based on fallacy. The terrorism's
Terrorism's governments publicizing is often to "showing off the power" and is illogical and is based on fallacy. The terrorism's structure is depending on three bases: Exploitation (wave playing) Forcing on Public opinion Word playing and demagogy Terrorists are trying to attract diplomatic opinions by making such special conditions and getting on events' waves in order to exploit from their situations and ideas (generally not in charge and unknown ones) in political societies. Maybe it is better to say that the most successful propagandistic terrorism in early years were the massages of Bin Laden the leader of Al-Qaede which shows off himself from a far place to all over the world and connects. Of course, Al-Qaede has either the power of threatening the world's profits or hit its cases. Propagandistic terrorism of Mojahedin, like other working methods of them, has also a formal and demagogical aspect rather than real ones. They have put their propagandas to military operations and Iran's governors and personages assassination in 1980s (a clear sample of classical approaches of propagandistic terrorism). They have established an organization from self-depending persons and considered their propagandas to incline the political supports on their favors as an "alternative government for Iran". Now this organization is named as "National Council of Resistance" and has the responsibility of operating, guiding and advertising of Mojahedin. The direction of these terroristic propagandas is always unilateral; Mojahedin have constantly put their nature and needs in a halo; and exploiting from worldwide conditions and viewpoints, they have aimed at Iran's government by their evil propagandas. In fact, what Mojahedin are priding and considering as their propaganda excel, is the acceptability that can achieve by fighting against Iran (as they imagine) not the acceptability that have been gained by believing on Democracy principles. Mojahedin do not believe Democracy, but they are trying to reap the benefits of Democracy facilities to get power indignantly. After rejecting their manners by the public especially their violating manners, they tried to change their propagandas from violating ones to librating and Democratic and apparently in favor of world society tactically. They try to convince others that they’re a resistance which is fighting for peace and democracy. Their first demagogical step in their propagandistic project was to present a “peace plan” from Resistance National Council in order to make peace with Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein. Without considering the nature of peace or war, it’s obvious that in order to make peace, it should be between two challenging governments or at least be decided by a force which has the power to influence the society. Mojahedin, in a propagandistic show, claimed that they have reached an agreement for peace with Iraqi foreign minister. They did this for two reasons; first, to take advantage of the current world community and public thought’s attention towards the situation of Iraqi war against Iran, to introduce themselves as peaceful and to conclude that “the way to peace is overturning the government of Iran” by weapon sanctions, aiding Iraq and accepting Mojahedin as an interim government. Second, they wanted to reduce the obscenity of cooperation with the aggressive government of Iraq. As we saw later, all Mojahedin were taken gradually into the service of Iraq. And it’s amazing that despite all that peace-seeking slogans, “peace” became a head cover for the use of Iraq’s war equipments and direct participation in the scenes of war against Iran. Once, they claimed they have destroyed an armored army of Iran, the other day announced they have arrested a few Iranian forces, in an other occasion invited several foreign reporters to see the occupation of city of Mehran by them, and finally they did their best to change to war again the cease-fire which was accepted by Iran, and they announced their strangest claim that they have killed 55000 Iranian soldiers (namely their own compatriots) as if they have never had any relations to peace and peace-seeking slogans. War events and related matters were constantly credits for Mojahedin’s propagandistic terrorism during the eight years of Iraq war against Iran. Along with the war, using all available parameters in Europe and establishing actions, demonstrations, concerts and attacking Iranian embassies and statesmen, they were making a situation to pose themselves. Although they claim to be Muslims, they try to make a wave in order to relate the views about fundamentalism to Iranian government and to show their own Islam as democratic. Their several-year attitude towards the “Feminism” is a part of this group’s misusing of European group’s values in order to develop their own propagandistic terrorism. While, despite their matriarchic slogans, the woman is now an armed soldier and a substitute for man , hidden under the military uniform. They use the current freedom in Europe and besides gathering their supporters at the time of Iranian groups’ arrival [to Europe], attempt to throw eggs toward them or beat them severely. A group, in common public political culture, is defined according to the national support of that group; but with street maneuvers, banners and flags and big pictures of Rajavi and with population of about 200 people, Mojahedin want to show their publicity even in the streets of Europe. It’s obvious that Mojahedin and their national council considers the people as their only “political customers”. Mojahedin do everything to pose themselves, from presenting to politicians the analysis being really contrary to reality, up to giving revolutionary gifts to journalists and coming to an agreement with diplomats of east Africa who have heard only a name about Iran. The most deceitful of all, when they meet favorite European individuals and holy fathers start giving humanistic and peace-seeking slogans. Mojahedin’s propagandistic movements exaggeratingly indicate totally formalist rotations which only cause other’s bewilderment. Suddenly, they sponsored music concerts, and used the singers who were introduced as the partners of Shah’s regime. All guerillas appeared with ironed suits and cravats, and shouted their support of secular government. If we say in an astonishing action we certainly cause Mojahedin’s happiness, but we should say in a ridiculous action, they chose the wife of this group’s leader as the president of Iran. 500 mojaheds, without having a necessity or special offer, in a so-called democratic procedure granted her with the title of “Iran’s president”. There’s no doubt that the cause of this action from Rajavi (Mojahedin’s leader) was to break the dominant isolation of the group and to express new viewpoints by his wife so that he could show himself again, since this guerilla woman in a glorious dress appeared in a concert in Paris and in a dreamlike situation claimed that “we are only looking for freedom and in case of taking power there’ll be no restrictions in any fields at all”. Among all world’s politicians and parliamentarians, there are some people known as extremists or conservatives, the people who have special positions for themselves and are against the diplomacy of their own countries. Mojahedin in Europe and the U.S. are severely looking for such people and ask them for sign and support. But it seems that their propagandas fall on the deaf ears of governments and parliamentarians and they [Mojahedin] can only get limited supports for themselves. Furthermore, their continuous coalition with Iraq has caused condemning and negative opinions against them. The section “propaganda” of propagandistic terrorism is active and hardworking. The purpose of this section is to relate all existing affairs in Iran to non-values of the world community. One of the most obvious examples of such an approach is “Hijab”. Naturally and even during the Shah’s regime, women in Iran used hijab due to their Islamic beliefs, of course there were a minority that didn’t use it and they are still unsatisfied today. But Mojahedin talk about it as “suppressing women”, while real and scientific statistics show the active role of women in the society and indicate 100 percent growth in public education and 70 percent growth in higher education. And it’s amazing that guerilla women, working with Mojahedin, are obliged to use hijab and have no rights to object. They state that, “human rights which is a divine desire in the world community has been altered in Iran due to the execution of murderers and drug smugglers”, and call them as “Iranian youths”, while fighting with such a phenomenon has become a social value in Iran, which has been threatened by the wave of drug smuggling from Afghanistan and international Mafia. Of course, Mojahedin’s “propagandistic” section is not satisfied with this and puts the blame on Iran for events like flood, earthquake and any kind of accidents. A very interesting point in Mojahedin’s propagandistic terrorism is that , up to the point, frightens the world community and specially the U.S. of Iranian nuclear and atomic activities and that Iran can become a nuclear power, but they usually avoid a comparison between Iran and other regional countries in the field of defensive affairs, furthermore they have never announced that in the case of taking control of the country what kind of diplomacy will they follow in the field of defense and in the field of encountering Israel government. Another way of Mojahedin’s propagandistic terrorism is the use of world’s propagandistic and discussed affairs. For example, when the U.S. accused some countries of trying to reach nuclear arms, it also became suspicious about Iran. The Americans that were well aware that Iran's nuclear activities are under the inspection of world’s atomic energy agency, encountered with Iran’s problem very cautiously. But Mojahedin performed a scenario according to which government of Iran is now trying to produce nuclear arms. The motive for them to perform such propagandas is, in particular, to pose themselves and that west can count on them as a source of news against Iran. But generally, Mojahedin are very worried about their supporter country, namely Iraq, which is under the pressure of international concerns. Since Saddam’s overturning will be equal to the end of their life in Iraq; and this is another reason [for them] to do such performances. Along with such propagandas, they evade this question that “if a country or countries deserve(s) punishment and objection, they why don’t they respond to Iraq”? Nobody takes the trouble to ask them these questions, since nobody considers their statements as important and besides they don’t have a good background of answering. The attractive part of Mojahedin’s propagandas is highlighting multilateral interpretations of Iranian authorities. They emphatically announce that whenever the word “enemy” is mentioned in the speeches of Iranian politicians and parliamentarians, “Mojahedin” is meant. So, each sentence in Iran containing the word “enemy” will immediately become the news headline of Mojahedin, without giving any special explanations about that. Wherever there’s a speech about third stream, they try to relate it to their own group in a way. Most of the times, in struggles among parties, challenging sides call each other “monafegh”, for they know it’s a very ugly and disgusting accusation, and Mojahedin immediately forge t as their own social existence. They relate the gatherings and refuge takings that have civic nature, and these sometimes turn to riots to themselves and say: “since they are of the kind of rebellion then we have to send them messages”. And this sentence confirms that they can establish an objective movement in the society. In this case of propagandistic terrorism, the Mojahedin’s leader also comes to the scene and sends messages to the gatherings. Such a trick, of course, is to draw the trace of Mojahedin in such events, and they well know that they have no relationships with these phenomena. They have been waiting for this for several years, that street riots and rebellions accompanied by propagandistic terrorism target the world public thoughts to provide a chance for this group to get to power. But they are unaware of the fact that no one’s waiting for their message in Iran, and they are making themselves tired. Understanding the propagandistic terrorism is a way to understand why in the totalitarian mind of Mojahedin, words find their own anti meanings. A group that has ambushed to establish the most horrible government, calls itself democratic and liberator, and supports democratic republic while they themselves are more dictator than imperial governments and although they’re not even able to get direct news from Iran and are feed from other newspapers and media, claim to be the leader of social protests. Today the pleasant whispers have been echoed all over the world indicating that terrorism, whether in practice or in the field of propaganda, are condemned to failure and annihilation. The realities are in front of people’s eyes as mirror, and they can hardly deceive people.

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