National resistant council is the political and propagandistic spokesman of National Liberator Army whose members are Mojahedin.
National resistant council is the political and propagandistic spokesman of National Liberator Army whose members are Mojahedin. During 2 decades, Mojahedin followed a useless effort to suggest this to the public thoughts that national resistant council is a political organ and is constituted from independent groups and individuals. A part of the U.S. foreign ministry report about Mojahedin is as follows: “The desire of Mojahedin toward the titles has caused some confusion. The original Persian name of the group, namely Mojahedin-e-khalgh, has been abbreviated and translated in different ways and is being used. Mojahedin-e-khalgh, Mojahedin MKO, MEK, Mojahedin-e-Khalghe Iran PMOI. Recently the group prefers the title “PMOI”. The international use of “national Iran’s resistant council” is also misleading. This council has created dependent groups with beautiful names such as: Iranian Specialists and Researchers Association, Iranian Women Association, and …. They have even seized the names of specialists’ non-union associations to develop their own purposes. They have recently started establishing some groups such as: “Iran greens party”, “Iranian youth’s organization”, “association of art in exile” and “The Union of Intellectuals in Exile”. Mojahedin have announced that their council has currently over 500 members and they have constituted 12 commissions that can be a symbol of future’s government. The most active one among these is the commission of Information and Espionage. The U.S. foreign ministry report adds: Although national resistant council claims that it’s a democratic organization, its performances are not in accord with its sayings. For example, it’s not clear what the criteria are for a person or a group that has the competency to become a member of the council. And it’s not clear what the criteria are to differentiate the member groups and individuals that have the equal vote rights.” It’s clear that, this is Mr. Rajavi who determines the competency of individuals’ membership, and this shows his interpretation of democracy, but Mr. Rajavi himself has given some explanations about the equal vote right of individuals and groups: “It’s obvious that this council has been established on the basis of a revolutionary force (Mojahedin) and it couldn’t have the ability of establishing and existence without its primary role….. but a matter which so far has been mentioned in different forms from speeches and formal texts to whispers, and I myself also have been asked a hundred times, in written or orally forms, is that how many members does the organization inside the council have? And what can it do? We excluded this problem of our discussion by accepting an equal vote for all member organizations and groups. It means: when we accept that council’s decisions are adopted under the condition of lack of disagreement of member organizations (whether Mojahedin or a group with 10 members), I think there remains no place for misunderstandings like “how many members does each organization have and how many supporters do they have?” It’s necessary to mention that this council has only 2 member groups; Mr. Jalal Ganji’s organization(2 individuals) and the organization of Mr. Mehdi Same’(10 individuals). It’s natural that each member of Mojahedin should have a vote equal to theirs, because these 12 people are themselves council members. Furthermore, 500 mojaheds who are council members, and are all obliged to obey Mr. Rajavi, the leader of the group, will never let, for instance, the 12 members have a different vote and don’t let them pass their decisions. Of course, such an event has never happened to someone, in the national resistant council, to have a different vote. It’s amazing that, due to the contradiction to the principles of democracy, the U.S. foreign ministry report adds: “Since membership in the national resistant council is determined by its leader, its political legitimacy should be suspended”. The purpose and orientation of national resistant council is to clarify this point that, any individual and movement that’s not cooperating with Mojahedin has not political legitimacy. The third creature in Mojahedin's system is “National Liberator Army” whose creator is also Rajavi. This was established by Rajavi and Saddam’s assistance in 1987. Besides Mojahedin and national resistant council leader ship, Rajavi is also “national liberator army’s” commander-in-chief. Earlier, his wife, Maryam Rajavi who’s now called Iran’s future president, has been vice commander of “national liberator army” and the first authority of Mojahedin. Council membership is a high rank in Mojahedin’s ranking, given to those who have had more active role in developing organizational laws and Rajavi’s intentions. The position taking of the people over the sides of this triangle are as follows: Those who have the membership background in Mojahedin system and have command ranks in the military set. These guys have been granted the council’s membership medals according to the degree of their obedience. Others who have joined Mojahedin are organized in military teams. But they should pass a long way of reliability examinations in order to be a member of Mojahedin. Therefore, time may give a chance to Mojahedin to increase their council members up to 1000 persons. From external point of view “boring game of Mojahedin with words, is only a reason for others sarcasm.” “Mojahedin introduce themselves as having two political wings (national resistant council and liberator army)…. This claim proves the romantic and whimsical aspect of Mojahedin’s system and it looks like a person who plays the role of different people in different situations, the only way for such a person is to disguise and to take different titles. The purpose of this article is a comparative analysis of Mojahedin’s three dimensional system structures. With this preface, we start inspecting biography of the members of national resistant council.

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