If we want to start from the zero point and ignore all that has happened to us, we better start with this question that how
A talk with MKO supporters With Hezarkhani, Ashrafi, Behroozi and… If we want to start from the zero point and ignore all that has happened to us, we better start with this question that how much is the mass popularity of a group is important? Let's think about this: how much are you ready to pay in order to promote your social popularity? Or perhaps you're brave enough to think honestly and don't feel that "victorious People" is 40 to 50 persons you see in your daily life! Brave or not brave, accept our advice for a social test of popularity that you and MKO (Mujahideen-e Khalq) are advertising for more than 20 years! Maybe now that MKO's horrible control on supporters and members has declined in Europe, you can find a chance to see a small part of big realities. In 1981, when Mr. Rajavi brought about the frightening catastrophe of oppression and gangsterism in Iran he claimed that millions of people will follow him!!!! You see he failed… How should have you responded to the social forces not coming to scene as you wanted, or even standing against terrorist movements. You should have learned lessens from this "Social experiment", but what did you do: you stayed silent and closed your eyes on the realities! What did Mr. Rajavi do? His analysis was that the net of strangulation should be torn apart. You didn't ask him whether such a net is knitted overnight? You didn't ask him how much is it between May 1981 to June 20? May in which almost all political parties were active despite all existing tensions…. Now, how someone should have torn this strangulation net? Again with weapons?! It's not clear where you were in August and September of 1981, in Europe or in Iran? You should only know that despite Rajavi's efforts to tear this net, by sending gangsters to the streets, … he couldn't make it! You think like kids if you think that MKO's failures Iran were due to the operations of a powerful police! You should know that it was done by people, and no one else. ***** After the Iran-Iraq war, we had several social, institutional riots and protests in Iran? Can you tell the number of them to people? May be it's hard to count them! But do you know that each time you became very hopeful about them? Let's answer this honestly, at least once. Do you put your hopes on these ambiguous riots since you think protesters are supporting you and your ideology? Not at all. If you don't dare to answer openly, people and politicians are well aware that you only do this because you think you can take advantage of it! This is called "Ideal and free purchase in the market of unknown feelings". Of course purchaser has nothing to pay. But what can you do now? "Social Experiment" is a sum up of such kinds of movement, for instance consider recent events in Tehran. It's clear, crystal clear for you, that MKO's became informed of the events after AFP reported them! Where and when did reporters and news agencies, who wrote and said lines of reports about these events, did said even a word about Mojahedin and their supporters?? MKO even showed a picture which had appeared earlier on BBCPersian website! And eventually, Mr. Rajavi came to scene as usual to link these ambiguous events to June 20! We don't expect him more than this, because he has shown that he can't speak in any ways except by force. But this "social experiment" can be directive for some and perhaps can prevent some others from lying to themselves and being dishonest with themselves. Referring to what was said above; one can ask a few questions and can conclude at the end: Why are Mojahedin disable to create such movements? Isn't it true that Mojahedin have no supporter in the scenes to inform them before others or at least send them a photo? Why should Mr. Rajavi ask for free elections after 22 years? Is this anything except shame and failure? At the end, you should ask yourselves that "how many of protesters in the country are ready to join Mojahedin" and that "are they ready to continue their protest if there's a name of MKO?" Shortly, how much are you ready to pay to subject your organization to "social Experiment"?

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