The above lines can be considered as news lines about artists, but the catastrophe lies between the lines, such as looting
Emad-e Ram passed away, while Mujahideen didn't hold any funeral ceremonies for him… Mohammed Taqdisi, mercenary and burned card of Iran Intelligence Agency… Mrs. Marzieh cam to Siamy-e Azadi and claimed that she is the mother of Iran…. **** The above lines can be considered as news lines about artists, but the catastrophe lies between the lines, such as looting antiques and art museum robbery and even such as discovering a mass grave! Mojahedin have used artists, and even transferring Marzieh to France, as a sing of turning to democratic attitudes. But is that possible that MKOs become close to a case and don't use it for their benefit, whether it's artistic, sacred and pure from political scenarios… Among artists, only a number of artists accepted to perform in MKO and some of them, such as Vigen & Aref and Taqdisi, apologized from Iran and Iranians for what they had done and even Emad was regretful at the final days of his life… Apart from this issue, what has remained from Mojahedin's attitude is the incapability of their thoughts and ideas toward social and democratic values. Interacting with artists, which shows a little part of MKO's dogma, reveals that how much they've found the concept of democracy and how much they are faithful to it. These days, Marzieh plays a decisive role in MKO's policies in Europe and even knows herself as the mother of Iran. She insists that others should join MKO and she believes that MKO will be victorious after passing an interim government!!! First, we should ask that does Mrs. Marzieh, as a singer, deserve the post of a spokeswoman for the group, and given this group is a political one? Second, her words reveal MKO's ill purposes to recruit among protesters to get to power. Mrs. Marzieh, who speaks now with the fractional culture of Mojahedin, speaking in a MKO TV program to bolster the morale of MKO's disappointed supporters, said: "I talk on behalf of myself and say that I'm the mother of Iran" For those who can't understand this sentence we explain that the meaning of these words are in the glossary of Rajavi's cult, it means that I always speak with the permission of Rajavi and for his benefit, this time I say by my own permission to win the attraction of supporters. Isn't it contrary to the rules of democracy to bring a singer, who's respectable due to her age or MKO, in order to take advantage of her? Does Mrs. Marzieh, who knows herself as the mother of Iran, is ready to announce her share in MKO's terrorist acts and cooperating with Ba'th regime? Is she ready to confess that she supports MKOs in insulting artists? Saying that she is the mother of Iran won't solve anything. She should announce that she is responsible for all time she has been with them and announce that she is regretful for that, then she can claim that she is the mother of Iran (read Mojahedin)! But in fact we should ask: if Marzieh apologizes for what she has done, won't MKO call her as mercenary and….???

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