With the order or Rajavi, MKOs have started attacking other groups specially monarchists and sponsors of satellite TV channels! With the events that happened for Mojahedin during Iraq crisis, they have started some movements in recent days which are supposed to be emphasized in the following days. These movements have two bases: 1- Remnants of Mojahedin in Europe, after a long time of staying silent, now feel free with the green light of Pentagon and they now think that the questions about the presence of a terrorist group in Europe and the US won't have any results, so they have started insulting others. Regarding this, Pentagon has made it easier for MKOs to have contacts with Rajavi. Of course, the policy behind the green light is to keep the distance between this cult and other political groups and it should remain as a terrorist and violent group. 2- MKOs have confessed that they have no control on the situation in the country and that they should overtake monarchists and constitutionalists and sponsors of TV channels who have become interesting these days for some news agencies. Regarding this issue, Rajavi has sent a message to the remnants of the group and has said that we should return to those days in which news agencies got news about National Liberation Army. 3- MKO's policy about recent events in Tehran is to use them to their own benefit and suggest that students like violent methods, so, they're supporters of Mojahedin. By this, they want to prove to their masters that if there's someone who really needs money, it's their group. ********************** From all statements and announcements by this group, we can understand that the story of Mojahedin is the story of that robber who ran and shouted "robber, robber" in order not to be caught. Remnants of MKO in Europe call monarchists "betrayers"!!!! Do the words nationalistic, people and serving the country have any meanings after cooperating with Saddam? They call other groups as anti-public and compromiser! Isn't all this tumult for not to fall behind the others?? Otherwise they know better than anyone else that nobody in Iran likes them. Lucky Iranians, whose leader-claiming ones are fighting with each other thousands of kilometers from them to knock down each other!

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