He was a political prisoner in Shah's prisons. When he was in prison he became acquainted with MKO, after the revolution he
Details of kidnapping and torturing Habib Roosta Habib Roosta, 28, married, 2 children Lived in Tehran, was employed in Gas company Was a supporter of Mojahedin-e Khalq Accusation: suspected He was a political prisoner in Shah's prisons. When he was in prison he became acquainted with MKO, after the revolution he continued his relationship with the organization. He first worked in Teachers section in the organization and then was promoted to the head of teachers' relations section. In early 1980 he was working in Teachers association. His wife was the cousin of Kazem Zolanvar, one of influential members of MKO during the Shah governorship. After the June 20, 1981, he acted secretly for the organization as a trusted guy so that the members of the organization used his house to hide. Brief Report On July 1, 1982 at 17:20 his corpse was found in Naran Village hills while it was tied inside a blanket. Legal Examiner, after a series of examinations on Habib Roosta, Said: 1- The body belongs to a man, almost 28; his feet tied tightly in two points: thighs and legs and also his hands were tied with that same plastic rope. A piece of that rope has been wrapped around his neck so that the body has bent and ropes have gone deep into the skin. 2- His clothes include black underwear with white spots and a white undershirt. 3- Whole body was wrapped up in a blanket. 4- In examination it was found that a part of skin has been removed. 5- Around eyes were puffed up and knees were scraped. 6- On the back, there were several wounds which could be made by pulling the body on the ground. 7- On head a big part is swollen. 8- In the neck area, the rope has gone deep in it and the skin is dark. With the above explanation, we confirm that head has been hit by a solid object which has caused the death. The license for burying has been issued. Full Report Mehran-e Asdaghi: Masoud Qorbani was ordered by the organization to identify a man who had betrayed the organization. Javad-e Mohammedi, one of the members of torture team who had contacts with Habib Roosta, made an appointment with Habib on Azadi-Jeihoon Street. Javad took Habib to the house in Bahar Street. As I and Masoud Qorbani entered the room, Javad attacked Habib and we tied him with rope and took him to bathroom. Since we wanted to frighten him, we tortured him for half an hour without saying even a word. We hit him with cable. Then we opened his mouth, gave him pen and paper and asked him to start. He wanted to talk but we told him he hasn't right to talk, he should only write. He wrote: "what should I write?" We hit him again with cable and asked him to start. He wrote: "I don't know what you want me to write?" We took a table to the bathroom and tied him to that then hit him with a cable. We had closed his mouth so that nobody could hear his cries. We asked him again to start and he said: "I don't know what should I say, I'm sure there's a mistake." I, Masoud Qorbani, Mostafa Ma'dan Pisheh and Moahammed Reza continued torturing him and asked him to write his details: Habib Roosta Engineer A member of Persi Gas Management Council Married, 2 children Address: Damavand Street, Shareq Alley I was a political prisoner before revolution But he didn't say anything about our main question. Masoud Qorbani said: "we are the members of the Organization and you should tell us all your disloyalties." Habib insisted that we were wrong but we didn't notice and went on with torturing him. The next day, Masoud Qorbani came to the house and said that Habib is lying. So we started torturing him again. We emphasized that he should say how team-houses were identified by police but he didn't have anything to tell. We tied his feet and hands with chain. He said: "I thought you are the agents of the regime and Javad has been cooperating with you, but now, I know that you are the members of Mojahedin-e Khalq. Believe in me, I have never betrayed the organization. I was in prison when Shah ruled the country, there I became familiar with MKO. I like them, how can I betray them?" Masoud said: "you can't deceive us with these words…" Another tool which we used in torturing him was a soldering iron… Another way we tortured him was that we didn't let him sleep. He was very sleepy. During 2 first days we tortured him very much so that he couldn't go to toilet and he crawled on the ground. After a few days, Masoud Qorbani said that our masters believe that we haven't worked well and they want to follow the work themselves. Increase the security of the house because on of officials called Abdullah (Ezzatullah Ashtari) wants to come here. (Masoud Qorbani had told me that he works in a place in which all security lines are drawn). Abdullah told us that Habib is experienced and it's hard to get information from him, but we know he has been involved in identifying team-houses. Abdullah covered his face and entered the bathroom. Habib was frightened. Abdullah said: "you don’t tell the truth and Habib didn't tell anything because he was frightened." We tied him again on the table and tortured him. He said: "I will tell everything." We brought pen and paper for him and he started: "I have disclosed the location of team-houses." Abdullah gave him some other questions and he wrote something. Abdullah said: "why do you lie?" Habib said: "I am writing lies because I am afraid." Abdullah ordered us to torture, and we tortured him up to 9 pm and kept him awake that night. The next day we started again but Abdullah said it's useless. He took soldering iron and burnt Habib's waist and hands and we had shut his mouth. Abdullah said: "you had contact with the organization and financed it to make us trust you and on the other hand you disclosed the location of team-houses." But Habib vowed that he hadn't done that. We tortured him until the evening. Abdullah wanted to leave, he said: "he knows that if he talks we will kill him, so he doesn't tell anything. So we kill him. Kill him and bury his body in desert." After Abdullah went, we tortured Habib so that he may have something to tell. Mostafa had shut his mouth by putting his hands on it. Suddenly Habib moved and we heard his throat snoring. We thought that he is playing with us and didn't notice. Habib's body was loose. We opened the ropes but he was dead….

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