The point of view of the people is affected by different factors such as time, place, ideology, individual and social situation and…; but criticizing previous opinions and changing the perspective of an issued is completely personal. That a person can criticize his own past and change his own point of view is related to personal characteristics; it's clear that when someone insists on his own interpretations and thoughts, it shows his dogma and prejudice and if such a person gets to power the society should be waiting for the outcomes and its costs should be paid with underdevelopments in the fields of politics and economy and with bloodshed. In reviewing the history of dictators you can find this fact. Besides, dictators erase critics and substitute them with flattering persons in order to be always encouraged in a one-way path they've chosen. So any change in their behavior, is nothing except a deceit. Mr.Rajavi has looked at the world through the grooves of a gun for years; his studies are limited to the experiments of world cults; his speeches are performed in Stalin-style methods; he's Saddam's devotee; he treats his dissidents as Hitler did and has no goal except getting to power. All these bad characteristics and the flattering of his friends had made him a rifle in the hands of Saddam, by which he targeted Iranians; and now, he's trying to become a rifle in the hands of the United States. Thus, if he sometimes changes his behavior during this way and speaks sometimes like elites and democrats, it's only a tactical gesture by him. For, in the glossary of Mr. Rajavi the only thing that speaks is the bullet and rifle. Bloodshed is the only thing that keeps him alive. In the post of opposition he ordered the building of prisons and jailed his dissidents; given someday he gets to power (which is impossible), he will start a massacre so that its mass graves will be found years later and this is the fact that Americans know too; therefore, they use him as a temporary tool. Now, Mr. Rajavi is like a sick snake which is not in the mood of biting, but he will do that whenever he gets power. If there's anybody who suspects these words, I suggest him to take a short look at the wounds on the body of Iranians, Iraqis and separated supporters and members. June 16, 2003

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