A crime against humanity which has gone unpunished
The most recent news we have about Massoud Rajavi in relation to children concerns the misuse of a group of Swedish 9th grade pupils last month. The fifteen year olds were bussed to a demonstration in Brussels on 13 September to boost numbers as fake Mojahedin supporters. This scandal reminded me of Rajavi’s old inhuman way of dealing with children which I experienced first hand as a mother in the Mojahedin. Even though those events took place over a decade ago, I have never forgotten them and seeing the same tricks used again against children made me determined once more to speak out about Rajavi’s custom of exploiting children. In Sweden Rajavi had paid an Iranian man, a newly hired school teacher who, after spinning a yarn of misinformation to the children in his care, then enticed them with a free trip. Rajavi worked like that here where he has no actual power over the children; telling lies and offering free a trip using the remainders of Saddam Hussein’s filthy money. For sure the youngsters didn’t know the slightest bit about the Mojahedin. And worse, some of their educational time has been wasted as they played as ‘extras’ in a terrorist organization's show. As usual the Mojahedin donned the mask of a benign organization so the children or their teachers were not aware of what was behind it. Clearly there are hidden dangers in such a strange and illegal trip. The whole matter shows a dangerous over simplification of the threat posed by the Mojahedin. I look at this event now as another example of Rajavi’s mistreatment of children. At the same age as these kids (around 15 years) a lot of Iranian children have left their schools in Sweden and gone to Iraq. These Iranian children first arrived in Sweden in tragic circumstances in 1991. And now many have left again in mysterious circumstances. I wonder if the Swedish authorities have paid any attention to the destination of these migrant children. I’ll tell you where they have gone; they had to abandon their studies, any pleasure and happiness and a normal life, to become Rajavi’s brainless soldiers, a cell in the body of his terrorist organization. They went to aid the Iraqi dictator as his notorious allies. Even before this they suffered great misery in their lives when they were tarnished by Rajavi’s cruelty before. They were stolen from their parents, and as evacuees they have been exploited in strangers’ houses as laves, they have been beaten and raped. Their affection has been looted, they have forgotten happiness and sadly in the end many have become prisoners of the war in Iraq. They have lost their happy childhood and sweet youth. They will need psychiatric help to adjust to living in society again. What they don’t need is to be abused again. What Sweden needs is to not repeat such mistakes. Above all, Sweden needs to instigate a thorough investigation into what really happened to all those young Swedish Iranians who were citizens or had permanent leave to remain, and who disappeared so mysteriously.

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