Many French people remember well the Mujahideen Khalq, who used to roam Paris' streets back in the eighties. They generally used to gather in small groups, of two or three, on the major crossroads, stopping walkers-by to show them horrifying pictures of bodies of women, men and children, which they said were examples of the "bloody oppression of the Iranian regime." Those who knew them would immediately take a different road to avoid them; those who didn't know them would have to endure a political discourse about the "ugliness" and "violence" of the Iranian regime. This speech would only end when the person signed a petition incriminating the regime and donating some money. Al-Hayat newspaper writes the above sentences for its readers to introduce MKO to them and continues: From their French exile to their Iraqi exile, the organization's separation from the Iranian people grew deeper, while Mariam was rising in the ranks of the organization. In 1987, she presided the National Liberation Army, and then led by herself the organization, while her husband kept the title of leader. She worked on feminizing the organization, which was constituted by a majority of women leaders. The Rajwi couple could have projected their own ideals, but they didn't constitute a convincing alternative to the current regime, neither from inside of Iran, or from the outside. Their propaganda didn't work. The members of the organization were convinced that Mariam was the model of the modern revolutionary woman. They cheered her and considered her "the sun of the revolution that will lead it to Tehran." These cheers definitely increased the suspicions of the Iranians. The organization was no longer allowed to exist outside restrained Iraqi borders. The support it had was restricted to the Iraqi regime. The fall of this regime came to strip it from the last source of support it enjoyed, thus paving the way for its dissolution. consequences of the events in Iraq; she thought that she could hide again in France and wait for things to settle down. But the arrest campaign of the French security systems that started last Tuesday might have brought her back to reality. Mariam and her organization received a deadly hit, when the French authorities were unwilling to show any leniency with a party perceived as terrorist from both Europe and the international community. Iran realized during the arrest campaign that it could trust France and show more openness and cooperation towards it. So did the U.S., despite the difference in the American attitude in dealing with the Mujahideen Khalq, who realized that France was a serious partner that could stand by their side in fighting terrorism. So, Massoud Rajwi disappeared and Mariam was arrested, and some members set themselves on fire in despair, showing their willingness to die for their leader.

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