In order to stop the strikes on team-houses in Tehran, the leaders of the organization started taking some measures such
Details of Kidnapping and torturing Shahrokh Tahmasebi Shahrokh Tahmasebi, 28, single The member of central committee Accusation: Brief Report: In order to stop the strikes on team-houses in Tehran, the leaders of the organization started taking some measures such as torturing suspected people. In the previous parts we told you the story of torturing a shoemaker, a teacher and one of the supporters of this organization. On July 1982, one of the revolutionary guards (Shahrokh Tahmasebi) was kidnapped and finally killed after 10 days of torturing. His body was left in Abbas Abad region in Tehran. It seems that he has not been involved in intelligent cases, even if he was he didn't tell anything during torturing. So that Nasser Farahani, one of the kidnappers tells his masters that "we were his prisoners during these 10 days." Full Report Mohammed Javad-e Beigi, one of the members of MKO and Special Section: after the May 2 in which almost 20 team-houses were raided and it was heavier than the strikes of January 9, the organization's analysis was that there are powerful intelligent behind the attacks… Then, the organization ordered us to get more information about this. About the way that raids are done, persons, and … Regarding this, we were ordered to identify Shahrokh Tahmasebi. The kidnapping team constituted of Reza Mir Mohammed (Farhang), Hussein Islami (mojtaba), Jamal-e Mohammedi Pilehvar (Kamal) and Ali Abbasi Dolat Abadi (Hadi). In July 1982, after kidnapping him he was transferred him to Bagh Alley. Since he was tied and wrapped up in a blanket, the landlord became suspicious and called the police, we immediately took him to our team-house on Khajeh Nezam Street. Team-house on Khajeh Nezam Street belonged to a couple named Fariba Eslami (Shahla Salehi pour) and Mohammed Qadiri (Manoochehr Ahmadian Fard). The mediator of this house with the organization was Javad-e Mohammedi (Taher) who was himself in Mehran-e Asdaghi's torture team. Fariba Eslami (Shahla Salehi pour): In January 1981, I married with Mohammed Qadiri and during kidnapping and torturing Shahrokh Tahmasebi I was at home as a witness. They prepared bathroom as torture place and a man called Akbar (Mohammed Javad Beigi) came for investigation and tortured Shahrokh. Sometimes they took him to the bathroom and sometimes put him in a small closet which was only 1 meter in 1 meter while his mouth was shut. During all this time we were not allowed to leave the house. I heard they whipped him, but I could only hear him moaning because they had shut his mouth. Ali Abbasi (Hadi) tortured him with cables. Once I woke up at 2 AM, I heard that he wanted water; but I didn’t give him water and went to sleep. Shahrokh Tahmasebi was killed in this house. They put his body in one big box and tied him with rope. Took him to Abbas Abad region and buried him there.

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