"The freedom of Elected president of Iran resistance; at any cost, any price", this is the latest direction for the members in
"The freedom of Elected president of Iran resistance; at any cost, any price", this is the latest direction for the members in Auvers-sur-Oise in Paris. Earlier, Rajavi sacrificed MKO members to pass the political and financial obstacles. Essentially, the philosophy of Rajavi in "making Maryam" was to put himself in a higher place and say that Rajavi is like god and that everyone should praise him. Maryam was this and nothing else. When Maryam became the leader of the group told others to search for Masoud in a place other than the organization and when she became MKO's president, Masoud was supposed to go one step higher! That's why Masoud cares for Maryam and as we said before he took advantage of the financial, structural and political benefits of her. He started the exploitation of women by this word of Maryam who said "we can and should" and got rid himself from the men who were greedy for power. Whenever Saddam needed more attacks on Iran, he sent a number of scapegoats to the altar by this excuse that "they should get Sister Maryam to Tehran!" Even when he sent Maryam to Paris in 1993 and started his so-called modernism, this Maryam said wherever she reached: "whatever I have is from my ideological leader 'Masoud'. This was pleasant for Masoud and it led to the knowledge of Europe that "Europe is facing a very dangerous cult." Now Rajavi has issued a message in which he's asked: "for the freedom of Maryam do whatever you can, at any cost, at any price." Rajavi thinks that if the members can influence the French judiciary illegally and can free Maryam, they will be able to save him in Iraq and that's why he's asking for help for Maryam at any cost. Those, who are supposed to help the group as usual at any price, should notice that paying the high price is a mutual communication and that has the leader of MKO ignored a bit of his desires for his members? Have the members been equal to their leader during past 20 years? Have the leaders been sharing with the forces? Many of the members don't know this fact that Rajavi and his wife and a number of close relatives live like crowns and had servants who tasted the food before Rajavi in order to see whether they're poisoned or not!!!! At the time when the food in Ashraf base had declined to half and there was no Chicken food in there, the cost of each Concert of the Rajavis in Paris, London and Germany was more than 2 million franks. And at the time when forces have become miserable now in Iraq and when Rajavi relatives were wandering in Jordanian border, Maryam came to Paris to rest! There are many notes… but we should really ask that "should one give in wholly to a dictator leader? Even if his or her demands are against the will of the people?

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