The bases of Mojahedin-e Khalq organization has been designed on two main axes. Any kind of alteration in these two will lead to the destruction of the organization. For years Mr. Rajavi has based the internal relations of organization on the arguments of ideological revolution and extra-organizational issues; Mr. Rajavi has considered basic slogan (toppling regime by armed campaign- National Liberation Army) as the decisive and unchanging base and he has introduced it as a winning card against other known opposition movements and he has tried to use it as a prove being an alternative. 1- Internal issues which had become secrets and their disclosure was considered as betrayal, have been damaged. Namely, since the separations started in the organization as a real fact, it made the organization to become a cult whose leader knows himself as god and his council as the divine prophets which call any criticizer an "illiterate" who deserves death. Note that the main basis of the organization which was considered as the key point in the organization and Mr. Rajavi calls it " the key of solidarity" in all his speeches turned to be against him and the corruption of the organization started right at this point. And like fish whose corruption starts from the head and then extends to other parts, it was predictable that Rajavi's way will lead to the confusion in a deadlock. 2- The fall of Saddam, as the main supporter of Mr. Rajavi, and the take over of Iraq by coalition forces, who both consider MKO as a terrorist, put the organization at the threshold of destruction until Mr. Rajavi, in a sly turn, waved white flag in front of Americans, to survive in the division between Iran and the US. But disarmament of the MKO by Americans is in fact a blow to the stressed-basis of MKO (which always believe in armed campaign as the first and the last leverage against regime) and believes that regime will only be toppled by NLA and any other ways are business in the way of fighting. If Americans surround them in Ashraf and disarm them, the strategy of Mr. Rajavi will be gone to the deadlock and the destiny of basic slogan will be altered so that leaving it is not possible except committing suicide or they may prefer to surrender completely to the Americans and to act as they say. This is the pre-decided destiny of all those who have devoted the virtue of fighting to their egoism and have tied their existence to this and that and have gone far away from the people. A well-known saying says: "the hard thing breaks barely but when it breaks it breaks hard." If Mr. Rajavi had opened the window of criticism on himself and had not mixed himself with Saddam, he wouldn't have had this much criticizer and it wouldn't have been necessary to be a flatterer of others or to announce victorious surrender from his media. 2003-05-13

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