Although believe this bitter reality but if we look at it deeply we understand that mediators and merchants are always fed
The services given by terrorists are more than their damages! Although believe this bitter reality but if we look at it deeply we understand that mediators and merchants are always fed from the function of terrorists and basically the survival of terrorists indebted to the will of powers who fill their vacuums with them, justify their bad actions, provide what they want by resorting to terrorists and so whenever they feel the terrorist are weak try to strengthen them or substitute them so that they preserve the balance. If it wasn?t for the function of MKO terrorists, how Iranian regime could show itself as the victim of terrorism?! ? And if it wasn?t for small and big terrorists in the world, how states could justify the military situation? Complexity of terrorism is like drug Mafia; it seems that everyone is against the trafficking of drug but they can't ignore benefits of selling drugs. They want the death of drug for others and the money of drugs for themselves. This is the reasoning and justification of power-seekers who have caused the lack of "bad terrorism"! Bin Laden and Masoud Rajavi and Saddam Hussein are all the same and are fed from one source. Once they were obedient they were supported but as soon as their expiration date passed, the wall they had leaned at fell on them. Although Mr. Rajavi tries to survive in the shade of others, but as soon as his supporters become certain that his expiration date has passed then Tariq Aziz should be called in order to identify his body. Bad terrorists are dead and those who are alive are either absent due to the situation (Bin Laden and Saddam) or may still be helpful (Rajavi)? The merchants who trade by the lives of others are in need of terrorists in order to bolster their business? How good it was if pens were made instead of all bullets and papers were made instead of all rifles and books were published instead of tanks and films were made instead of war planes? 2003-07-29

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