After the eruption of internal war and along with the terrorism fighting in the country, Mojahedin put psychwar in their
Psychological Warfare Second part- After 20th of June, 1981 After the eruption of internal war and along with the terrorism fighting in the country, Mojahedin put psychwar in their agenda in three axes: Showing Iran as weak in mobilizing forces and its military power Sowing Iran as warmonger and justifying Iraq's excuses to start aggression lose Iran's validity in the region *** Showing Iran as weak in mobilizing forces and its military power; Mojahedin started a wave of propaganda against Iran along with Iraqi regime, with this analysis that desperation and hopelessness will weaken the morale of war and that will lead to the failure in mobilizing forces and finally to the toppling of the Islamic Republic. Mojahedin had the duty of overestimating the internal problems of Iran and propagandistic lining of political and social crisis as the Persian loudspeaker of Ba'th party, in relation with the world's media and western press, which were all a part of psychological warfare against Iran. Western media, in a period of time, tried hard to introduce Mojahedin as a reliable source of information. Mojahedin, with terrorist operations at that time, had shown the picture of a wide internal force. This picture gradually collapsed. Mojahed Journal- No.216- 17th August 1984 Daily Telegraph- 2 August 1984 A former captain of Iran's navy, who has recently fled to Europe, said yesterday here in London that he doesn't believe his country is able to start a wide aggression against Iraq. He said: ground force is poor, air force has lost its military abilities and naval force has become unable. This force has lost 15-20 percent of its vessels. Air defense is weak and 80 percent of its copters have been destroyed. Captain Ariafar was speaking at a press conference which was held by Mojahedin-e Khalq, main Iranian opposition. During his relation with Mojahedin, he has performed all kinds of cooperation with them, intelligently and materialistically! Al-Arab (London Based), 2 August 1984 Former commander of Naval Artillery reveals the mysteries of war fronts… Iran's armed forces are completely weak and paralyzed, since they are not able to perform any aggression. Yesterday, captain Ariafar was holding a press conference in the center of London… In response to the reports' questions about Khark, Iran's main oilfield, said: Iranian defense system is so weak to protect Khark against the aggressions of Iraq and this is due to the shortages of spare equipments for weapons. Western propagandistic machines, in their reports and analysis, refer to the defense wall around Khark Island and frighten air force of attacking it. Ariafar, as the military advisor, who has taken part in most of the war operations since September of 1981 up to the time of his detention, said: "reports and analysis of West, in this regard, is not right, since Khark is in the access range of Iraq's artillery and air force…. And not destroying the oilfields of Iran completely is up to the policymakers in Baghdad. They evaluate their calculations on different factors in international levels… but this case is not negating the missile power and air force ability of Iraq to destroy Khark. Captain revealed some of the secrets, which were hidden by the political leaders and commanders of Iran, and disclosed what had left unanswered in Iran's last February's attack on the east side of Basra. He said: "Iran lost most of its tanks in this front and after that they were not able to attack. In addition, the lack of air force cover deprives them from having the ability to perform such attacks. Mojahed Journal- No.217- 23 August 1984 Announcement of MKO's Army In line with armed struggle…. according to the order of our supreme commander, brother Masoud Rajavi: ……….. all cores and military supporters of MEK should operate in the military conditions by writing placards, like "down with war..""Soldiers, escape from fronts","military personnel, don’t fight.", or give them to the personnel and families by mail. Don't go to the fronts by different excuses and in fronts, use "escape" as a tool to crush the warmongering policies. 11 August 1984 Mojahed Journal- No.218- 30 August 1984 Rajavi's Interview with Al-Anba' (Kuwaiti newspaper) Reporter: in the previous months,regime threatened that it will start a big attack on Iraq. But this attack was delayed. What's the reason? Rajavi: regime managed six big operations called "Valfajr". The first attack in the February of 1984…despite the exchange of artillery fire, the next attacks were never performed. Unlike the rumors, the total number of regime's forces who have spread over a front with 260 miles, is 196000. Of course, they have gathered around the city of Basra (he brings out the map of Valfajr-6 operation from the case on which the distance of the Iranian armies and their names, such as the Army 77 of Khorasan, Battalion No.55 and Karbala Headquarters, had been written) and according the latest reports the total number of their forces doesn't reach 200000. Reporter: How is the quality and mixture of the forces of the war? Rajavi: Revolutionary guards, Basij, parts of army and Navy and Law enforcements… Reporter: so, you say the operation Valfajr is not imminent? Rajavi: as I said mobilizing and provisions need more times and due to the condition of the weather we don't expect the war to begin until the end of summer. Making Army Personnel Active against War: According to an old internal analysis of Mojahedin and Iraqis, the division between the army and revolutionary guard, Classic war and people's war, and other parameter they have concluded that they should stop the army from taking part in war. Of course, from long time ago, this plan was put in the agenda of MKO's infiltrators; such as armed clash in Lavizan garrison, stealing weapons from Army-77 Khorasan and propagandas in fronts by these agents were performed in this regard. (According to Mojahed journal- No.162) Lieutenant Reza Asadi, in charge of controlling the transportation headquarter in Tehran, says in a report: many factors led to the failure of regime's air force, such as equipments like Baskets, and petrol pipes, boom and the air-condition equipments, fire extinguishers and … (According to Mojahed journal- No.162) Fereydoon varmazyari, General in Air force in an interview in Paris. Essentially, the attitude of the Iranian's army personnel which's against the warmongering policies of the regime on one hand and the wide spectrum of MKO's supporters in the army and especially in the air force, is one of the biggest problems for the regime. There are many examples which show this fact in the army… The rebellion of armed personnel of Mojahedin-e Khalq in Lavizan garrison, 27 March 1982. Getting the weapons needed for the resistance from the military bases such as Qasr-e Firoozeh in Tehran and Army-77 of Mashhad, are of the examples which show the opposition of army's personnel to the regime. Shooting at the commanders' platform by a MKO armed man during the parade on 11 March, 1981 in the province of Khuzistan, this led to the killing of Major Gen. Sepehri, Khuzistan's law enforcement operational commander. Despite the pre-planned operational programs and their execution by the infiltrators in the army, in order to disrupt the confidence atmosphere and military forces' sovereignty, the contradiction of Mojahedin and Army, traditionally and deeply, is clear and self-sacrifices of army personnel has been proved to the world. The stimulations by the regime under the name of exporting revolution, was an important factor in start of the war and on the other hand, with the aggression of Iraq in the 22nd of September 1980 the war started. Our people raised to stand against the aggression of Iraq and in this regard army was expected to act. So, the brave personnel of the army started fixing the military equipments and weapons in order to counter Iraqi aggression. In the air force, the level of the hours was high but the personnel didn’t feel tired. When the siren was could be heard, personnel came out of their houses and went to work and helped their partners. My partners worked together and helped each other. They even asked for the help of other forces if needed. Personnel were ready to go to the fronts…. Mojahed Journal- No.162- 28 July, 1983. Interview with Reza Asadi: On Tuesday 14th of July, twenty nationalist officers who left regime's army announced their joining to the NLA in a press conference. There were more than 70 reporters and representatives of TV channels and news agencies in the conference. These men never went to Iraq and they had the cases of cooperation with SAVAK, drug trafficking and etc. so that the organization never accepted to talk about them after that. The only record was from Radio Mojahed; A tape of interview with 4 of the officers in which two of them gave a history of themselves. "I'm Colonel Aziz Khazaei, in 1960 I entered Officer's college. In 19879 I was arrested [what charge??] then I decided to leave my dear country and abroad I was looking for an organization which's thinking of the country and nation… Colonel Majid Savis, I entered the officer's college in 1949. Following the detention of two officers of Shah I was arrested too! But after a while, I was freed since there were not enough documents against me. Then, since I was not allowed to leave the country I got a passport with forged identity and left the country. (He doesn’t say anything about the content of the case) 4-5 months before the revolution I came back to the country with the second identity and I started activities against Shah Regime but after the revolution I left the country immediately… Etehad Magazine- No. 105- August 15, 1987 Saeid Shahsavandi, one of the main members of the organization said: "Is it possible to explain about the background of many of organization's members, who have been some Shah's special guard members, Green-Hat officers and even sometimes Savak members and drug traffickers, and say why did you introduced them as good people to the supporters of MKO? That some were monarchists or supported Bakhtiar… is their own business. But, that you attack all, including monarchists and other groups, from morning to night by your propagandistic machines, and on the other hand you introduce those elements, who have come to you for material interests and you know it well, as the good fighters and Mojaheds is another issue. The Statement of June 5, 1991- Paris Mr. Reza Asadi, Vapasgera (Reactionary) Book (Chapter about war and Iraq) Before leaving Iran on September 11, 1982, I was being sued by the regime for supporting MKO. I served in the Air Force for 21 years. At first, I was technical councilor and then I was in charge of controlling heavy planes of air force until I left Iran. After passing some phases I went to Switzerland and took part in a press conference in the headquarters of UN Human Rights in Geneva. The interview was broadcast in popular media such as BBC Persian and Radio Israel and also in the newspapers of Swiss and MKO's journals. (Mojahed Journal, No. 131&132) Since then on, I was interviewed each year on the anniversary of Rajavi and Banisadr's escape from Iran. Most of these interviews were broadcast by MKO's Radio and Television. In the May of 1991, I left MKO in Iraq and spent a year in MKO's prisons and also I was in Al-Ramadi in exile. By showing Iran as a warmonger country and justifying Iraq's excuses for attacking Iran, Mojahedin used whatever they could to take advantage of the world atmosphere against Iran in order to introduce Iran of the one responsible for the beginning of the war and the one that doesn't accept peace and the one which is blamed. Immediately after the freedom of Khorramshar City, MKO started spreading propaganda based on this question that "why doesn't regime accept Iraq's suggested peace?" And that war is the only way for the survival of the regime and it's a cover for problems and shortages and … They tried their best, anyway, to show Iran as warmonger and to open a way for Iraq. Fereydoon Varmazyari, the officer of Air Force in a press conference: Principally, the attitude of most of Iran's army personnel in Iraq against the aggressive policies of regime on one hand and the presence of a large number of MKO members among the personnel especially in Air Force, has been/is regime's problem. They wanted to suggest, according to their own propagandas, that peace for Iran is equal to the destruction of regime and when the peace agreement was accepted by Iran they were captured in the circle of their own aggression. In this regard, the MKO-Iraq propagandistic machine issued hundreds of articles and analysis. 3. Making void Iran's popular and revolutionary face is to the benefit of Israel and harms Palestinians and the US will take advantage. After the victories of Iran, especially freeing Khorramshahr, Iraqis planned to question Iran's credibility in the region and specifically about the connection with Palestine issue. This psychological warfare had been based on political maneuver that "the war Iran insisted on was to the benefit of the US." In this scenario MKO was given the duty of finding and revealing so-called intelligence aspects of the issue, and like now, when they spread lies about Iran's nuclear programs, they reported sometimes of finding intelligence about Iran buying weapons from Israel and the US. The axes of this psychological warfare included the following items: Arm aids of the US to Iran Blowing Palestine's revolution Weapon deal of Iran with Israel Israel's use of Iran-Iraq was and attack to the south Lebanon Iraq in the Palestinian's front, and Iran in Israeli side There have been more realities proved during these years but we don't have enough time to talk about all of them. Among all of these political maneuvers and propagandas of Mojahedin, we review the case of finding Iran's weapon deal with Israel, on which Mojahedin maneuvered for years. Israel's Game We should say, about what is called revealing the intelligence on Iranian weapons' deal with Israel, that Mojahedin got this idea from Israelis themselves. In this plan, Israel was well aware that it should show Iran as anit-Arab and Israel to destroy its revolutionary and Anti-Zionist face. So, top Israeli men came up and, knowing that anti-Iranian groups and European press will overestimate this, spread untrue news and reports on arm deals of Iran with Israel. In the following years it became clear that the plan had been designed by the high-ranking officials of the US and Israel and MKO-Iraq have been executing agents in that plan. Ariel Sharon, who was defense minister at that time, in an interview with NBC in May 1982, said: "Israel had informed the US of the details of sending weapons to Iran during gulf war (Iraq's war against Iran)… the sold weapons were delivered to Iran by a third country! (a symbolic source) and the US is aware of that. We had given the list to the US, a good list! But Israel was not asked to stop sending weaons…"!!? The comments of Ariel Sharon are based on one presupposition that "it's clear that Israel has sold weapons to Iran." And the only question is that why such weapons, whose purchase should be done by the license of the US, have been sold? Ariel Sharon considers his government clean of such allegations. For the one who's familiar with the situation, especially after the revolution which has anti-Zionist and Anti-Israeli aspects and failure of Israel and US strategies in the region, it's clear that Israel's selling weapons to Iran should be considered as a top secret project. The question is, why a top Israeli official comments on a secret deal, among the reporters, and if it's been revealed by other sources, why is it being confirmed? (Unlike conventional diplomatic ways, it was not denied. For, if there was a need of informing others, why wasn't the agreement cut openly? And given Iran's request, why wasn't it disclosed from the beginning?) On the other hand, Sharon's comments add to the ambiguity of the case "the weapons were transferred by a third country!" Western and American media discussed and analyzed this case in all over May and June. France-Based Le Point wrote in the June of 1982j: "According to the Middle East news services, Israel has sent 200 million dollars of weapons and a number of plane technicians to Iran, which is fighting with Iraq! Israel hopes the conflict inside the Arab world finishes to its benefit." It was clear that these moves are cunning moves to destroy Iran! Very soon, Israel's game turned to the game of Mojahedin and Iraq and Europe's news media. Tariq Aziz, in an interview with Le Monde in August 1982, said: "Israelis support Iran, since they know that (Ayatollah) Khomeini can explode the region. Eventually, he is at the service of their benefits and it is they who will take its fruits not Iran…" the story of disclosing Iran-Israel arm deal documents by Mojahedin was the result of this game. MKO revealed the documents of one of the most important arm deals of regime with Israel. This revelation had a fast reflection, especially when the documents were sent for France-based Liberation daily. Mojahed Journal, No. 161, July 21, 1983: Le Monde, July 13, 1983 "Mojahedin waited until 7th of July to publish the photos of the deal on the day of Palestine, in which people demonstrate to remind the goals of Palestinians, in the last Friday of Ramadan!!" Mojahed Journal, No.159, July 7, 1983 MKO discloses: the documents of one of the most important arm deals of regime with Israel. Since the early 60s onward, world's media published different reports and news about this issue, especially after an Argentinean transportation plane, which was moving from Tehran to Cyprus, crashed. In the September of 1981, MKO disclosed a telex which was sent from London and asked for the flight license of a private plane from Tel Aviv to Tehran. Therefore, it was proved that regime was buying weapons from Israel by its intermediaries and dealers. Now, MKO is disclosing one of the most important direct arm deals between regime and Israel. The original text of the deal: Contract No.173164 I.D.E International Desalination Equipment Limited of 49 Bin Gurion Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, hereinafter referred to as the SELLER represented by Jacob Nimrodi on one side, And the Ministry of National Defense, Islamic Republic of Iran, Tehran, Iran hereinafter referred to as BUYER, represented by the Deputy Minister of National Defense for Logistics, on the other side have concluded this contract as follows:… (the rest of the text includes the limits of contract, price of the goods, the way of payment and bank account of the seller). Explanations about the context of agreement by Mojahedin: "In the form of agreement, it's been tried to hide the topic of purchasing weapons. We can bring some examples of this effort: First, the name of weapon seller institution is a nickname, that is international desalination I.D.E Second, the names of the purchased weapons in the context have come only as encrypted codes and the keys of such codes are in a different attachment. Mojahedin predict that either the document is not understandable or basically they can not accept it as a document of buying weapons, so they relate it to the security issues (which will be an understandable reason in such cases). And two reasons above are considered as efforts for preventing the disclosure of whole deal by the seller and customer. About the first reason, it should be reminded that when Israelis side can cut an agreement under the cover of an international desalination company, why should Iran elect the official name of Defense Ministry of Islamic Republic of Iran? And for the second item, the question remains that "if these documents have come from the top organs of the regime, was it impossible to get the key for the codes so that the type of the weapons could be announced? On the other hand, about the whole case it should be said that (as MKO has confessed) when a deal is done through dealers and intermediaries, there's no doubt that they are not honest people and they only think of their own pockets and of plundering the governments which are in need of an equipment so that they will try to get what they want from any channels they can. Liberation, on July 12, 1983, describes the background of Nimrodi and E0D0I as follows: "Jacob Nimrodi, the one who's signed the deal on behalf of E0D0I , has a lot of experiences about Iran's affairs. This colonel, 58, was born in Jerusalem and in a family with Iraqi roots…in 1975, he was military attaché of Israel's embassy in Tehran and had a close relation with Iran's supreme military commanders and he was the seller of Israeli arms to Shah. After the fall of Shah in 1979, he started working in different institutions in London which were expert in the field of energy. It seemed that the company which signed the deal with Iran (E0D0I) exists no longer in Israel! He is familiar with desalination , so that he established 50 namak roobi stations in Iran. " Liberation, in July 14, 1983, wrote: "liberation's revelations about Israel sending weapons to Iran is the headline of the Israeli press… putting this report in the headline by the press is strange! Without asking questions or asking for explanations?... since press has reflected it too much, it's too hot for Israeli officials to let themselves call it "secret activity." This is a journalistic trick and there's no doubt that Liberation will be more surprised by knowing that it has been deceived by Mojahedin. Le Moten daily, in July 15, 1983, reflected the interview of Jacob Nimrodi: Nimrodi: Liberation was trapped. The document was designed by some armatures in a very basic form. Reporter: how do you say that it's forged? Nimrodi: due to its details. First of all, the signature is not mine. It's not even similar to that of mine. Second of all, I have been introduced as the deputy of colonel, while I finished my duty in 1969 with the rank of reserved Colonel. Reporter: so, why do you say about the header which has the sign of your company? Nimordi: getting it is very easy. I left my office in Iran with all its equipments. It's even possible that they have taken a real contract and have copied the header. Then they could have written what they wanted. Reporter: did you have a meeting with the deputy of Defense Minister, General Dehghan, in July 24, 1981? Nimrodi: these are garbage. I have not sold weapons to Iran after the fall of Shah. Reporter: who can benefit from this forging of documents? Nimrodi: it's easy to guess and Liebration has copied one of the journals of Mojahedin… I can assure you that no one in the world can force Israel to cut an arm deal. This is impossible. Mojahedin, in response to Nimrodi's comments, have an interesting reasoning: "To prove that the claims of this Col. Nimrodi are groundless, we remind that last year one of the top Israeli officials, that is Defense Minister (Ariel Sharon), confessed in an interview with NBC and world press that his country (Israel) has sent weapons to Iran." Mojahedin Journal, No.161, July 21, 1983 All the documents will come out of the pockets of Mr. Sharon at the end, and he is the one who has started the game and certainly nothing is more stronger than his own words! In August 1983, Zahed Hussein, Pakistani correspondent of Herald Monthly, had an interview with Rajavi in Paris. This clever correspondent asked significant questions and received irrelevant answers. Q: What are regime's suppressive institutions, regarding this fact that all suppressive organs like army, secret Police and SAVAK, which were established during Shah time, were dissolved during Revolution? A: during this time, Khomeini and Beheshti established a special organization called Revolutionary Guards and Revolutionary Committee… Regime is in power temporarily due to the suppressive pressure and pressure of war. In addition, Israel and Syria are helping it at the same time. Q: How can they, Israel and Syria, help it simultaneously?! A: regime tried to deal with Pakistan in order to get Iranian refugees. This is very important. Mojahed Journal, NO.172, October 6, 1983

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