Look at the contemporary history to find the simple form of this formula. A phenomenon called the "cult of Mr. and Mrs.
Wicked people, looking for ugly goals, employ dirty means. Look at the contemporary history to find the simple form of this formula. A phenomenon called the "cult of Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi constitutes from dirty people who use dirty means like bomb and weapon and rockets to gain power. Furthermore, this cult has always been used, that is, while they are clear example of the above formula, their integrity, as a dirty means, has always been used by different states and personalities (among which Saddam Hussein is the clearest example) But in larger scale, Iraqi Ba'th regime was itself the puppet of others so that it was used for the benefit of others and when its expiration date passed they didn't delay in toppling him. Human beings are the victims of this game, and that's interesting that these liar pretenders have always resorted to human beings and their rights to achieve their goals. Should we believe that Mr. Rajavi wanted to bring democracy for the people of Iran with the weapons presented by Saddam Hussein and by killing the Iranian soldiers?! When they captured Mehran City in Iran and delivered it to the Iraqi soldiers and then they got money from Saddam in Baghdad, should we be honored with this act of theirs? When the Iraqi mortars sounded in Iran's cities and the operational teams, singing and dancing, were happy of this, should we beg for them?! When the Mr. Rajavi's NLA sided with the army of Ba'th regime to kill the Kurds and Shiites, should we consider it as a heroic act? Each Iranian, wherever in the world, if not familiar with the incurable sickness of the Rajavis' cult, will be surprised by watching the shocking film of interaction between Rajavi and Iraq's intelligence service! Who's Saddam's Alternative? Holding a music concert by NLA in Washington will certainly be considered as the funniest case of the year. The cult who claimed of toppling the regime by NLA (due to being supported by its master Saddam Hussein), today's looking for a new master and in the land of Imperialists makes the NLA dance so that it may bring the mercy of the masters and possibly it can find an alternative for Saddam! Rajavi's siding with warmongers of the world is the only solution for the members of this cult and Washington Concert proves this. It's a long time that Rajavis have used to relying on others and copy their writings and this is the key to their survival- the fall of Saddam was a big blow to them and to compensate it made compromising with warmongers a legal act. They persuade the warmongers to attack Iran so that they may find a place there for themselves. Rajavi's Cult, as a dirty tool which was in the hands of Saddam until a short time ago, is now trying to sell itself to any warmonger who's following the methods of Saddam- in Rajavi's view, it doesn't make difference to be the means of Ba'th party or Pentagon! Some believed that Rajavi's cult can be hired but not bought!! The film of Saddam-MKO relation, which was aired by al-Jazeera, and Washington Concert, showed that this cult had been sold many years ago!! 2004-01-27

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