When Maryam Rajavi, in London, suggested the holding of a referendum, some people, without having a deep knowledge
When Maryam Rajavi, in London, suggested the holding of a referendum, some people, without having a deep knowledge of MKO's directions and position, reviewed it as a political change and analyzed it and made criticisms about it. During those days, regarding the opportunism of Mojahedin and with a look at the motives of such a plan by MKO, we wrote: "…Mojahedin have seen that some people pose the slogan of referendum and the US supports them, but they don’t note that their political background is completely different from others. So, at the first step, to accept their referendum plan there are some preliminary steps whose basic one is to dissolve this group. There's no need to complex analysis and the passage of time, and with the least of knowledge about the positions and current situation of this group one can understand that if a group with terrorist background (MKO) claims of referendum, it's only to escape from their pre-determined fate." It was also reminded that the referendum plan by Mojahedin has been suggested due to their taking advantage of slogans and stealing the fruits of other movements and with a look at the events inside the country, so that there may be a ground for their surfing. Now, a few months after MKO has placed itself behind these slogans, the opportunity for their surfing becomes clearer. All the people who are familiar with Iran's political scene are well aware of the history of referendum slogan among the spectrums of internal movements (which incidentally, have clear cut borders with Mojahedin). But Mojahedin try to confiscate the internal events and news to their own benefit. Mohsen Rezaei, in an interview with VOA, talks of prevailing slogan of Referendum!! Mahin Horri, a political analyst of this group (!), referring to the legal gatherings of students in universities, says the slogan of referendum is prevailing among the students and people since it has been announced by Maryam Rajavi!!! Furthermore, Mojahedin try to use Iran's internal events as a means of removing pressure of international communities on them: "Mohammed Mohaddessin of the National Council of Resistance said Iran's decision to bar moderate candidates from standing in next week's parliamentary election exposed the failure of the EU policy of encouraging democratic reform through dialogue! "After the elimination of so-called reformists from the election...people must stop appeasing the Iranian regime," he told a news conference on the 25th anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic revolution in Iran.!!" National council of resistance, in its February statement, pointed to the recent discussions inside Iran and barring some MPs, wrote to the EU: "In such situation, economical and diplomatic relations with regime are not legal." Mojahedin consider this approach (using chances and events inside Iran) as a tactic to escape from crises that's why they have posed "referendum" issue. The message of this approach for the Europeans (before giving MKO a chance to escape from crisis) reveals this fact that this group has no influence on the events and political issues of Iran and its affairs have no relations with Iran's political tableau.

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