Those who are familiar with the cult of Mr. Rajavi Know that Special Leader of Leaders (Masoud) stays silent only for 3
Burnt land…. Empty Chair… Suspicious Silence… Long Absence… In an ambiguous situation which talks of a total future-lessness… Should we believe in death?! Those who are familiar with the cult of Mr. Rajavi Know that Special Leader of Leaders (Masoud) stays silent only for 3 reasons: 1- The action which has been done is above his justification and he can't pass it. Then he leans back to the wall of policy and stays silent. 2- He has gone to the solitary cell and has no will to do anything. 3- He has passed away. The size of the blows on MKO during past 5 months (since the fall of Saddam up to now) raises this expectation that Mr. Rajavi should give explanation for each blow in long speeches but we got no messages from him, even one. So the first reason doesn't apply here and we can only view two other reasons. The second reason is also weak; since if he is being kept by Pentagon, why should his element spread words of propaganda? So, the third reason is possible that he may have gone to the final travel of his life. If this is true, it's really bad since he could reveal many things in his trial court. Maybe this is the tradition of the history that dictators disappear after falling in order to be forgotten; this is exactly what has happened to Mullah Omar, Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. The writer believes that whenever Mr. Rajavi can't speak his death has been proved. The one who brainwashed others by holding meetings is no more willing to come to the scene; it's clear that the death has come to him. 2003-08-28

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