A detailed account of Israeli espionage case in the US
In August 29, 2004, ABC NEWS channel announced that Larry Franklin, a Pentagon official, has been spying for Israel and now he is being investigated for transferring intelligence (on Iran and Iraq) to Israel via AIPAC. In this regard, considering the records of such activities by Israel is necessary. Espionage is an influential tool for the Zionist regime and has root in the old policies of this regime. By this tool, Israel has been able to gather information on desired subjects in different junctures of time. Many of the experts studying these cases have found the traces of Zionist regime in several important political, economical, and … issues. Among these issues is the assassination of former US president John F. Kennedy, which is believed to be carried out by Israelis. Also, the traces of Israel can be clearly seen in the scandal Watergate, Iran-Contra, and other issues like stealing information and so on. It seems that in recent spy scandal, Larry Franklin has been in touch with a team that has been encouraging US government to attack Iran. Therefore, he himself has been full of hatred toward Islamic republic. This fact has been confirmed by a friend of him in Israel embassy. The close relationship of Franklin-Israel embassy-AIPAC-MKO (which acted as the source of information on Iran) was aimed at one same purpose. Now the question is: Who's Larry Franklin? How was he in touch with Israel? Who's Lawrence Franklin? Lawrence (Larry) Franklin was defense analyst in the Defense Intelligence Agency who worked in the office of Douglas Feith (Jewish), deputy Secretary of Defense. He gave his reports directly to William Luti, Feith's deputy in Iran Affairs. Larry belongs to the Likudis in Pentagon, who want regime change in Iran. In the early 1990s, he was transferred to Middle East section and very soon he became analyst of Iran affairs by learning Persian language. He made contacts with Iranians and Iranian oppositions. He has also military records. He was a colonel in the Air Force Reserve and had two short missions to US embassy in Tel Aviv. In the early 2001, along with a Pentagon Islam expert Harold Rhode, held a secret meetings with Manoochehr Ghorbanifar, who played a central role in the Iran-Contra affair. Franklin met Ghorbanifar through Washington's neo-con guru Michael Ledeen. As "Washington Monthly" put it in its "Sept. 2004 Issue": "there's no doubt that the goal of these meetings was change regime in Iran." In the meetings the possibility of creating a dangerous party in Pentagon- which acts outside the control of official channels in the US and weighs the ways of regime change in Iran- was set forth. According to governmental sources in the US, both CIA and State Department informed Stephen J. Hadley, senior advisor of Condoleezza Rice, and Hadley ordered the officials in Feith's office to stop all such activities. An unnamed official was quoted in Los Angeles Times and Washington Post as saying that "Immediate purpose of Pentagon Hawks was to create enemies for Iran, and now becoming disappointed, they've started to sharpen US's policy toward this country." Now the question is "what's the role of Israel lobby in this case?" AIPAC's Role AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) was founded in 1950s by Zei Kenen. AIPAC can be considered as the most complex organization in the world that has mixed lobbyism and espionage. Today, AIPAC has 65000 members all over the US who work to win the US's all-out support for Israel. One of the issues being published on AIPAC website is the issue of "regime change in Iran and stopping it from getting to nuclear technology." CNN had also announced that AIPAC, as an organization which received secret Pentagon documents through Franklin and transferred to Israelis, held 2000 meetings annually with Senators and Congressmen; and passed one hundred laws in the favor of Israel in US congress. Now, despite the AIPAC's deceptive appearance which shows itself as non-governmental American organization, why did it give secrets of the US to Israel? Looking at EEJH, one will find that being faithful to two countries is possible and, especially for American Jews, essential. It seems that each Jew in the US, automatically, has the citizenship of Israel. So, spying for Israel may not be considered as spying for an alien nation. In addition, parts of Jews in the US have double citizenship and this can bring double faithfulness! After reports of espionage leaked to media, Haaretz Daily, in a hurried act, wrote that a Jewish official in the US has expressed satisfaction over Franklin not being a Jew. Since, according to this Jew official, Jews who are in positions in the US are accused of not being faithful enough to the US. But he didn't point to AIPAC's role in this case and the possible key figure. It seems that Franklin gave the information to Naor Gilon (now the head of political section of Israel embassy in Washington and expert in Iranian Nuclear programs and also manager of strategic and military affairs at political researches center). One stance is that in a meeting between Franklin and Gilon, Franklin gave a document but Gilon refused to accept it. He said to Franklin to explain the content of the document. Meanwhile, Gilon didn't know that he was under scrutiny and thought that he's safe until he doesn't receive any documents (since dialogues could be denied in the case they were not recorded). Franklin could give a copy of President's orders on Iran to AIPAC and they gave it to a man in Israel embassy (possibly Gilon). Meanwhile, Gilon denies receiving any documents from Franklin. He says Franklin wanted to talk to him about "what the US should do about Iran." Israeli officials and people like Denis Ross (Jewish) in "Washington Institute for Near East Policy" which is financed by AIPAC say that "it's impossible to understand the issue, since if Israel wants to get information about Washington policies toward Iran it can get it by a phone." These people want to pretend that the US government has no secrets hidden from Israel. If such a theory is true, then it can be understood that AIPAC is controlling the US government. That is, AIPAC is the same as US government. Anyway, it seems that, regarding the records of Israeli espionage in the US, such words are only expressed to run away from responsibility. They also show that Jewish groups in the US, headed by AIPAC, are to engage the US in a severe war in the region. Regarding the elections and indirect financial support of AIPAC of nominees, the issue can be considered as a condition for electoral votes.

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