George Bush, in his speech in UN in 2002, called MKO a terrorist organization. He only named 3 terrorist organizations operating in Iraq. The PMOI was one of the 3 terrorist organizations President Bush cited as a major reason for going to war with Iraq as part of the war on terrorism. Al-Qaeda was NOT on President Bush’s list
A few months ago J.B. Holston posted an article "Tancredo and Terrorists" to Rocky Mountain Progressive Network and Professor Paul Sheldon Foote wrote a comment on it and discussed about Mojahedin and Jafarzadeh. Although the article was published long time ago, it's still fresh and attractive: Tancredo and Terrorists By J.B. Holston Remember the stink a couple of weeks back, when Tancredo had to back out of a fund-raiser sponsored by an Iranian group on the U.S.' terrorist target list, about whom the State Department said; “They’re a combatant,” said Greg Sullivan, a spokesman for the State Department’s Near East Affairs bureau. “They’re being targeted. Targeting data is being provided to the Pentagon. We believe they are undertaking some of the action in the south [of Iraq] where enemy combatants have disguised themselves as civilians.” ...Last week, Reuters reported that U.S. forces attacked and destroyed two MEK bases in Iraq. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported Thursday that Masud Rajavi, the group’s leader, has relocated MEK headquarters to the private residence of General Ali Hassan al-Majid, a cousin of Saddam Hussein and one of his most trusted deputies. He earned the nickname “Chemical Ali” for his involvement in the campaign to suppress ethnic Kurds in northern Iraq. Here's how Tancredo dealt with it then; Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), another MEK champion, was initially appalled when told that MEK forces have engaged coalition forces. “If that’s occurred, if they have done this, they have certainly ruined whatever modicum of support they have here, at least from me,” he said. “If these reports are accurate, that’s the end of it for me.” Tancredo later called The Hill to say he had “received information of a different nature entirely from people who are closer to the scene than the State Department.” He would not identify the source or content of the information, except to say it came from “our government.” The State Department flatly dismissed Tancredo’s claims. Well, here's what Tancredo said about those terrorists in an interview last summer; John Hawkins: Let me ask you another question, it's Iran related. I heard that you support the National Council of Resistance (NCR), a political arm of the Mujahedin-e Kalq (MEK)... Tom Tancredo: Yes I do. John Hawkins: While they are certainly an anti-Iranian group, the State Department says they are also terrorists. Do you believe that to be the case and... Tom Tancredo: Well if you're a mullah in Iran, you definitely view them as a terrorist. They're not a terrorist threat to the United States. They pose absolutely no threat. In fact, they are a great asset. They are the ones who have brought to light almost everything we know about the nuclear capabilities... ....John Hawkins: And they don't kill Iranian civilians or that sort of thing either? Tom Tancredo: Well, they attack and do assassinate members of the Iranian government, yeah. That part of the world, it's not a Sunday school picnic over there. Naive? Dissembling? Both?? Remember, "Legendary Kook" Tancredo is on the House Subcommittee on International Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Human Rights Comments J.B. Holston’s “Tancredo and Terrorists” On February 18, 2004, J.B. Holston posted “Tancredo and Terrorists” to criticize correctly Congressman Tom Tancredo (a neoconservative who claims to be a Republican—Colorado) for Tancredo’s support of terrorists American troops fought and killed in Iraq in March 2003. J.B. Holtston’s critique noted correctly Congressman Tancredo’s false claim that the Marxist terrorists kill government leaders in Iran, not civilians. John Hawkins posted this entire interview at Right Wing News. During the Iran-Iraq War, the Iranian Marxist terrorists fought for Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and killed large numbers of Iranian soldiers and civilians. In Iran, these Marxist terrorists have a long history of fund raising by stealing automobiles and motorcycles. They have killed many Iranian civilians while these terrorists commit their crimes. The following facts support J.B. Holston’s critique of Congressman Tom Tancredo: 1. On January 15, 2003, a full-page advertisement appeared in the New York Times (page A19): “150 Members of U.S. Congress Declare Support for the People’s Mojahedin (PMOI), Call for an End to Iran’s Terrorist Regime”. This advertisement included the photographs and names of 6 of the 150 traitors in Congress who support a terrorist organization named by President George W. Bush in his September 2002 background paper for his remarks at the United Nations. President Bush named only 3 terrorist organizations operating in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The PMOI (known also as the MEK or the MKO) was one of the 3 terrorist organizations President Bush cited as a major reason for going to war with Iraq as part of the war on terrorism. Al-Qaeda was NOT on President Bush’s list. Congressman Tancredo betrayed President Bush on January 15, 2003. The 6 traitors in Congress are: Democrats Bob Filner (California), Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas), Edolphus Towns (New York); Republicans Lincoln Diaz-Balart (Florida), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida), Tom Tancredo (Colorado). 2. During March 2003, American troops fought against the MEK in Iraq. While some news services reported that hundreds of MEK died during the fighting, these news services did not report if any American troops died fighting Tancredo’s Marxist terrorists. Tancredo should issue a press release mentioning the names of the American military units involved in the fighting, the dates of the fighting, and the names of any American troops (if any) who died killing hundreds of the MEK in Iraq. 3. After a cease fire, the American government ordered American troops to protect the remaining Marxist terrorists. On May 1, 2003, in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, the Marxist terrorists joined communists around the world in celebrating May Day. News services distributed photographs to the media showing the Marxist flag of the organization used in the celebrations. Tancredo should issue a press statement on his position about when and how many of these MEK terrorists should be permitted to return to America and to countries other than Iran. 4. In June 2003, the French police arrested the leader of the MEK plus approximately 150 supporters. Some supporters protested by burning themselves to death in front of television cameras. After the burning scenes appeared on televisions in much of the world, fewer politicians wanted their names to be used publicly as supporters. The MEK has honored Tom Tancredo and some other members of Congress for continuing to support them in spite of all of these events: • Senator Sam Brownback - United States Senate • Senators Campbell and Brownback - United States Senate • Ed Towns - Member of Congress • Dennis Moore- Member of Congress, 24 July 2003 • Wm Lacy Clay - Member of Congress • Dennis Moore - Member of Congress, 20 June 2003 • David Scott - member of Congress • Sheila Jackson Lee - Member of Congress • Tom Tancredo - Member of Congress • Bennie G. Thompson - Member of Congress • Kendrick B. Meek - Member of Congress • Nick Lampson - Member of Congress • Bob Filner - Member of Congress 5. Why has Tancredo supported Marxist terrorists before and after American troops risked their lives fighting these Marxist terrorists in Iraq? As a Vietnam veteran, I think that it is obvious why Tancredo does not support American troops. As a leading “chicken hawk” in Congress today, he avoided going to Vietnam by opting to go for therapy to obtain a 1-Y exemption from service in Vietnam. Patricia Calhoun’s “Crazy for You” (published December 3, 1998) contained Tom Tancredo’s explanation: ‘But if I could have gone to Vietnam instead of suffering this depression, these attacks, I'd trade it in a heartbeat.’ Clarifications 1. At which conservative Republican site did J.B. Holston post a critique of Tancredo? Holston did not post it at a conservative Republican site. Holston posted the critique at the Rocky Mountain Progressive Network, a “...chorus of voices opposing the radical right in our region.” 2. As a conservative Republican and as a Vietnam veteran, I am opposed to Tancredo. Shortly before the March 2, 2004 Primary Election in California, Tancredo visited California to endorse some Republican candidates. After learning this, I withdrew my endorsement for one Republican candidate for the United States Senate and requested the return of my campaign contribution. I informed the political consulting firm for this candidate that I shall continue to vote against any Republican candidates Tancredo endorses in California. 3. Tancredo and the other traitors in Congress will remain in office until voters learn to make basic distinctions. I know Republican activists who cannot tell me the difference between a conservative and a neoconservative. If the Rocky Mountain Progressive Network really wants to remove Tancredo from office as much as I do, then the members of the network need to learn some distinctions about the right wing in American politics. Real Republicans will not support neoconservatives. Neoconservatives have pointed to their Trotsky origins as evidence that they are anti-Marxist. Last year, the neoconservatives proved that they will support Marxist terrorist enemies of America. Only Marxists could claim that neoconservatives are members of the radical right. To a conservative Republican, a neoconservative is not a member of the right wing. While I might not agree with progressives on any other issue, I agree completely with the progressives that Tancredo should not be re-elected to Congress. Hopefully, progressives know enough about politics to understand that all of the traitors in Congress, Democrats and Republicans, should not be re-elected. 4. For many years, the MEK operated from an office in the National Press Building in Washington, D.C. One of its spokespersons, Alireza Jafarzadeh, has become now an analyst for the Fox News Channel. You may check for his past and future appearances on the Fox News Channel by entering Jafarzadeh in the search at this Web site: While the New York Times and some other media printed numerous lies about Fidel Castro that resulted in America’s imposition of a Marxist regime in Cuba, the Fox News Channel has overtaken even the New York Times in supporting America’s terrorist enemies, the MEK. The Fox News Channel is a neoconservative channel. The Fox News Channel is not a conservative, Republican, or right wing channel. * Professor Paul Sheldon Foote has also written an article called "America's Marxist Terrorists" which was published in "Insight on the news" on 2003/03/13. Bringing that valuable article here is useful: At his March 6, 2003 press conference, President Bush criticized Saddam Hussein’s support of Al-Qaeda-like terrorist organizations. In the September 12, 2002 background paper for President Bush’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly, “A Decade of Deception and Defiance”, the White House named three terrorist organizations operating from Iraq: (1) Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK or MKO) (2) Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) (3) Abu Nidal Organization. The background paper failed to note that the MEK and its front, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, operate from a registered office close to the White House: 1051 National Press Building, 529 14th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20045. For more than a decade, some American newspapers, such as the Washington Post, have published favorable articles about this organization, classified by the State Department since 1997 as a Marxist terrorist organization. The organization claims to have letters of support from more than 200 members of Congress (Democrats and Republicans), including now-Attorney General John Ashcroft. Recently, even the Fox News Channel has been interviewing a representative, permitting him to criticize Iran and to describe his organization as the pro-democracy organization of Iranians. In “Democracy Betrayed”, this organization denied the State Department’s accusations that they assassinated American Air Force officers and Rockwell International employees. However, there is no denial that this is a Marxist terrorist organization. If America invades Iraq, the American media will need to find a way to hide scenes of thousands or tens of thousands of these Iranian Marxist terrorists killing American soldiers. Before we can ask Saddam Hussein to stop supporting terrorists, America must stop supporting the Marxist takeover of Iran. The New York Times, State Department employees, and American political leaders imposed a Marxist dictatorship in Cuba. It is time for the Federal Government to disclose the documents taken from the home of Alireza Jafarzadeh, according to Newsweek, including the letters of support from members of Congress. Americans need to know who is supporting a repetition of the Cuban blunder for Iran. Paul Sheldon Foote

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