none of those who've been kidnapped in such manner have ever joined Mojahedin. They know about deceptions of this organization
A person who goes to Turkey to work has no political motives. All he thinks about is to get more money in order to improve his family's condition. But after a while, he, desperately and unsuccessfully, wants to return to his country. In Turkey, many have two ways ahead of themselves; One, to return to their country as soon as possible and compensate their lost time, and two, to stay there and do dirty works to stay alive. Mahmood Husseini's memoir tells of such horrible stories. When he was desperately trying to return to the country he was hunted by Mojahedin-e Khalq in Turkey! They offered him money, welfare and teaching English language. They said that he can leave the organization whenever he wants!! For years, Mojahedin have been hunting Iranians in Turkey and other countries. People like Ali Ashrafi, Mehdi Amini, Afshin Moghimi, Mahmood Husseini and … are the victims of inhumane methods of Mojahedin. Indeed, what are the roots of such inhumane methods? Robbers have robbed people of their properties, and these people (MKO) want to steal the life of them?! The most tragic part of this catastrophe is described by Mahmood Husseini as follows: "They held meetings for me and said that they were fighting for Khalq (people) not themselves and that they wanted nothing for themselves. They chanted deceptive slogans and forced me to join. I had no knowledge of them. I was born in a village in Nishaboor and I knew nothing about the nature of this organization. I had not seen arms and weapons and terrorists. After entering the reception section I started disobeying. They took me everyday for brainwashing sessions and threatened me. They frightened me of Islamic Republic, but each time I said that I wanted only freedom. They shouted on me. They accused me of being infiltrator and took me by force to the meetings of "current operation, revolution sessions, weekly purification, and …". And we got out of their brainwashing sessions by different excuses." This mechanism reveals depth of MKO's view toward human being. They observe no value for the intellectual life of man. They only try to control the lives of people. Such methods expose the weakness of the group, decay of their ideology. The very ideology which wants to capture people, not to free them. A point is that all who have been kidnapped in such ways have understood MKO's deception and have avoided from the ideology of Mojahedin. These facts prove that the ideologies made by totalitarian leaders of MKO are hollow. They also show the fate of Mojahedin, which is destruction and annihilation. Such events have this message that "Mojahedin, by resorting to such methods, will not be able to overcome their historical obstruction since their ideology has targeted human beings.

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