This book explains the approaches of Mojahedin of Massoud Rajavi, which should not be confused with Afghan Mojahidin who received orders from King Massoud
This book explains the approaches of Mojahedin of Massoud Rajavi, which should not be confused with Afghan Mojahidin who received orders from King Massoud. Because, Afghan Mojahedin fought against former Soviets and Taliban but what has attracted the attention of the west is that Iranian Mojahedin have become notorious for their terrorist operations against Iranians. Testimony of former members and the victims of this organization has proved the real nature of this political-military group. Mojahedin-e Khalq organization is an Islamic-Marxist group which was founded in 1960 and acted again the dictatorship of Reza Shah. Considering what was said, Mojahedin is one the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world and being supported by Saddam Hussein and by the West has been the key for its survival. According to the 1994 US Congress report said that Mojahedin had conducted attacks against Americans and that differences between the US and Iran should not influence their view of Mojahedin. These reports were provided by Wendy R. Sherman. PMOI (People's Mojahedin of Iran) has been on the terror list published by the US since 1997. In May 2, 2002, fifteen the governments agreed to include PMOI in their list of the terrorist organizations, was adapted on December 27, 200l, that is to say nearly four months after the attacks on World Trade Center has New York. The assets of the organization in Europe were consequently frozen. The president of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, and the president of Spain , Jose Maria Aznar, expressed their agreement with the President George W Bush in have meeting in Washington. But the organization of Massoud Rajavi will reach a deadlock if it is to be posed in United States and in Europe. This decision will show the contradictions on MKO and will show that NCRI and PMOI are the both faces of a same currency If the West closes its eye on the crimes of PMOI because they are against Iran, it won't dare to interpret it as fighting heroically. MKO should know that while its seeking forces and illogical movements, it will receive negative feedback. Mojahedin's leaders are trying to deny terror and find a place in the eyes of euroepans. They pretend to be the defenders freedom, democracy and human rights and confuse reports with political answers. The strategic link between Mojahedin and Iraqi regime is like a marriage which has led to quarrel. MKO's announced ideological revolution based on democratic principles was only a posed to deceive the West. The possibility of MKO's returning to the political scene of Iran is very weak (possibly nil in the view of people) and there are logical reasons behind this: Terrorist attacks and internal sabotage which have deteriorated the face of Mojahedin for Iranian people. Now that the real face of Mojahedin is known to almost everyone, why some European countries give them refuge? As a western diplomat put it "we can't arrest MKO members since they have political asylum and are free to move. They have freedom of speech, like other citizens, and won't be condemned while they have not acted illegally." According to the view of the west, we are going to introduce one of the most horrible groups: Mojahedin-e khalq of Iran.

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