since MKO's claims have not been confirmed by independent sources, news sources look doubtfully at such claims
With the detention of spying network in Iran (which gave nuclear secrets to foreigners) and also revelation of this fact that Israel has been working behind decision makings on Iran, Mojahedin have taken defensive position and refuse to accept any kinds of links with spies. Running away from accepting link is important from different viewpoints. Mojahedin, to run from the challenge which has been created for them due to recent events, has chosen the tactic of "running forward". It has proved again that the main blood vessel of MKO's life is "the hope to make more challenge for Iran's nuclear programs by the US." Mohammed Seyed Al-Mohaddessin, the head of MKO's public relations office, in a meeting in Paris, posed Iran's nuclear case again and claimed that Iran is able to achieve nuclear bomb in 2005. Alireza Jafarzadeh, the link of MKO-Israeli lobby in Washington, repeated these accusations in an interview with Reuters. That Mojahedin bring the time of Iran's achievements to an earlier time is directly related to their organizational crisis. Whenever they feel they need more attention and support by some Zionists, they change it to an earlier time. There are some motives for MKO programs, at the threshold of IAEA's meeting on September 13th: 1. The most important motive has been the fruitfulness of recent meetings between Iranians and EU. What Mojahedin want to get is to disappoint the US of these meetings- which was introduced by some US statesmen as a way to counter Iran. In other words, Mojahedin want to disappoint the US from diplomatic ways and instigate it for a military attack on Iran. That's why they insist on the threats of Iran. This is also the purpose of Israel. After Israeli espionage activities were disclosed by FBI in the US, Israel is trying to give fake intelligence to the US indirectly. 2. Another goal of Mojahedin is to influence IAEA. They repeat their claim that " Iran has not given all its information to the IAEA." Of course, by this approach, Israelis will control the viewpoints of IAEA and all countries will join warmongers. 3. Mojahedin want to buy credit for the information they offer purchasing countries. After Israel's spying network was revealed (which probably will lead to disclosure of propagandistic-psychological purposes of MKO-MOSSAD against Iran) Mojahedin are trying to buy credit for themselves. What should be noted about recent plays of MKO is that all experts and news services look at MKO claims doubtfully and believe that MKO claims could not be trusted since they have not been confirmed by independent sources.

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