Mojahedin set up self-immolation scenes in Europe to show political violence. Isn't this show called "beautiful Aggression"?
Since the man knew himself and entered the field of power and politics, violence and clash to get poser has existed. One of the main grounds for the formation of violence is "Death Instinct", Freud Says. In other words, the existence of "death instinct" bolsters tendency toward violence and terror as "act" or "react". Now, if "political death" is a subset of "physical death", the issue of determining where the roots of political violence lie becomes more tangible for us. Freud also believes that in order to balance "death instinct", the "instinct of life" should be bolstered in human being. He also considered sexual motive as a decisive factor in strengthening "life instinct." Whether we are in agreement with Freud's theory, a real conclusion can be reached: whenever the balance changes toward the side of "death" and "political death", then violence and terror increases. Ottoman caliphs used this theory to form suppressive force. They took European Christian youngsters from the society and trained them in military camps, with different kinds of educational and sexual deprivation. Trainees became harsh, cruel people who could fight and kill easily. Instead, soldiers who were sent from the normal society to serve in the Ottoman army didn't have enough efficiency in the wars and suppression of people. Hassan Sabbah used the same mechanism in order to boost harshness in his fedayeen. He cut the contacts of his Fedayeen and followers from the society and isolated them in Alamut Fortress. The fedayeen, grown in such a situation, were able to assassinate their political opponents. In past three decades, Mojahedin-e khalq and Masoud Rajavi used the same mechanism. They formed team houses and Khalq Militia in 1979, trained terrorists and cut MKO's contact with society by June 1981 and transferring MKO's headquarters to Iraq. Mojahedin, by creating different kinds of deprivations in Iraq, boosted the tendency toward violence and death among MKO members and leaders. The peak of the function of this argument was hidden in ideological revolution and obligatory divorces, which systematically increased the feeling of "violence and death and terror" by forming sexual deprivations. The leader of Mojahedin cult introduced the violation made by himself as "revolutionary violence" and the violence made by rulers as "reactionary violence." In the meeting of Mojahedin in 1979 in Amjadieh, Tehran, he said: "Fist for fist and bullet for bullet, this is our answer." He defined the first fist and bullet as "bad" and the second fist and bullet as "good." Which one is the first or second is not important. In the cycle of violence and reproduction of violence, both are first and bad and the violence-seekers should be told: "Violence and terror has no ugly and beauty." Basically, ideological and religious cults, whether in the position of rulers or oppositions, have the axis role in creation and bolstering "death and violence" in one hand and weakening of "life and compromise" in the other. But what's cult that can transfer "beautiful aggression!!" from Ashraf camp in Baghdad to Chance Elise in Paris. In general, cults have specified features, but the basic factor for formation and development of a cult, including a religious cult, is to have a self-appointed leader. In other word, he himself has appointed himself. Leaders of the cult, by using the element of "indoctrination" (in some cults, the points desired by leaders are transferred to followers by hypnotism) and diverted religious narrations, play the role of god for members of cult and the leader of the cult takes the members to superstitious, self-praising and …. In this situation, the cults automatically and auto-dynamically develop and raise ideological, political and cultural productions which later turn to "features" of a cult and become institutionalized as "method and habit" in the cult. One of the ideological productions of cults, including the cult of Mojahedin-e Khalq, is the training of obedient members. The victims of the cult should first burn their "soul" and then (by the order of the leader) their "body". Last year, before the fall of Saddam, Mr. Rajavi who had predicted hard situation in Iraq sent more than 200 trusted members of cult to France (this number has increased to 1000 in Germany and France), among whom Maryam Rajavi that entered illegally to France a few weeks ago. Regarding the presence of this terrorist group in its soil, French government arrested Maryam Rajavi and 166 other members of this organization. The amazing point was the reaction of this terrorist cult to the arrest of Rajavi's wife- which attracted world opinion toward itself- that gave a real assessment of the cult to the people of France. Leader's order to the members to burn their "bodies" after the detention of his wife was the initial reaction of this terrorist cult. Sedigheh Mojaveri and Neda Hassani, of Mojahedin organization, were the victims of this way. Although burning the "body" of members before burning their "souls" was not possible for the leaders of MKO. That's why they burnt first the "souls" of all members in the so-called ideological revolution in 1985. MKO's theorists justified these self-immolations and 'beautiful aggression" shows in Paris as follows: "I remember when we were being trained by a Palestinian guerilla. We came to the trainings related to hand grenade. The point emphasized was that when a grenade is thrown toward you and there's no chance to run away, the first one closer to the grenade should lie on it so that the percent of casualties declines. Now, the dirty hand of imperialism has thrown a grenade toward Mojahedin and some want to save their organization by devoting themselves." After Abdullah Ogalan- the head of PKK- Maryam Rajavi also had said to the MKO members that : "If the same thing happens to Masoud and you don't burn yourselves, then you're poltroons." Of course, these self-immolations were strange for French people and shocked them. Bu the reality is that the outcome of ideological cults is nothing except terrorism and violence. When Mr. Rajavi in paris said "I want tempered steel" and when the pictures of Maryam and Masoud were hanged in the rooms of the members, the praising went to the point where the person easily burnt themselves. The persons melted in an ideology or a religion who burn themselves can set thousands of other people on fire, isn't it true? The terrorists of Al-Qaeda did the same thing, didn't they? What's the difference between the cult of American "David Korosh" which has been built on a superstitious thought and the cult of Mojahedin-e Khalq? David Korosh ordered the members of his cult to eat poison after their base was surrounded by police. Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi also ordered self-immolations to escape from French police. Is there really any difference between David's cult and Rajavi's cult? It's amazing to know that regarding the negative reaction of European people towards the self-immolations, Mojahedin claimed that this move wasn't organized but it was self-decided by MKO members. Everyone familiar with this cult knows that none of MKO members does anything without the knowledge of the leaders of the cult. This cult forces its members to recite their sexual thoughts and even dreams as daily reports. So, how the members can set themselves to fire without the order of the cult's leaders? Since MKO's leader thought that Europe's public opinion will applaud such a move and will sympathize with them, first they didn't hide the organizational orders for self-immolations. So, they announced in Mansoor Ghadr Khah's website that: "Hundreds have put themselves in the list of self-immolation and if France is not going to end its common conspiracies with Iranian regime, they are going to burn themselves." Mr. Ghadr Khah didn't explain where the list is? And who had decided about the self-immolations? Mojahedin wanted to say that Sedighe Mojaveri and Neda Hassani have been supporters of the cult so they had not received orders from organization to burn themselves. Meanwhile, the pictures of these women on the tanks in Iraq are valid documents which prove they have been professional agents of the organization. If we say they have been "supporters" of MKO, then what to do with Marzieh Babakhani and Mohammed Sani (members of MKO's Central Council) who burnt themselves? Was Marzieh Babakhani a supporter of MKO too? (she was one of the agents of Rajavi's office in Paris and was the member of MKO's central leadership council) Wasn't Mohammed Sani (who was the member of central council since 1985) ordered to burn himself? Le Parisian wrote on June 19, 2003: "... contacts were made with reporters before and after self immolation and the spokesman of NCRI had revealed the name of self-immolator…" Or "After distinguishing fire of a self-immolator, one of Mojahedin members offered better pictures of self-immolations to a reporter." Isn't this called the show of "Beautiful Aggression"? All these cases represent an organizational work to show terrorism and political violence. Of course, nothing else was expected from this cult. After the fall of Saddam, Mojahedin – who were disarmed by Americans- used "batons" instead of AK47 in morning military ceremonies in camp Ashraf.

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