when I came out of the camp I found that nothing has left of this organization. It's now a bargaining chip
Essam Fahem, reporter of Kuwaiti newspaper of Al-Rai Al-Aam, who had visited Ashraf Camp in order to write a report, wrote on 20th September 2004: "When you enter Camp Ashraf (named after Ashraf, Masoud Rajavi's first wife who was killed in battle with Iranian Revolutionary Guards) you feel walking in another world. When Saddam was in power, they had different situation. This camp was surrounded by American troops and the one who wants to enter it should pass a number of checkpoints. Taking photograph is forbidden in this camp. Also, carrying mobile phone is considered as illegal. Passing these barriers, I faced Dr. Mahmood, who introduced himself as the head of Organization's public relations. His duty was to note me that the condition for reporters to enter this camp was that they should not name the people and officials there. He and another person, called Dr. Mohsen, refused to talk about Organization's new stances toward recent events. This camp is vast. I had only time to have short walk. There were a number of radio communication stations. I visited the museum of the organization and went to cemetery where MKO militants were buried. Then these two men gave me some information that, as a journalist, I was aware of." This reporter, at the end of his report, wrote: "when I came out of the Ashraf, I realized that nothing has been left from this organization except a chip on the table of the US (which misuses it in deals with Iran). They may know this, for they know it since they asked Saddam's help and when they saw American tanks near the Iranian border they shouted the slogan of impartiality and to win the support of the US they started talking about human rights and establishing democracy in the Middle East. This case reminds me of the story of a rug dealer who spent more money on buying older Kashan rugs. May be he knew that his rugs will be sold. Now, it seems that American customer has prepared itself for the deal; the deal whose secret is only known to "rug dealers."

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