MKO agents, sent to eliminate former members, should be careful not to get caught in the trap made by childish policies of MKO
Recently, we were informed that parts of MKO's security section and their informants, as well as Mahvash Sepehri, have left Iraq and brought their headquarters to Europe. According to the received reports from inside MKO, their mission is to close the situation for all opposition forces outside Iran, for MKO's dictator leadership has concluded that after the fall of Saddam, the organization's facing a whole odium in Europe and the US (for instance, dependence of the organization to Saddam and his security service has been revealed) and it has been proved that other opposition was right in opposing to Rajavi's wrong positions. According to the incoming reports from internal meetings of MKO, they have special divisions for their enemies: 1. Their No.1 enemies are the members who have separated from the organization. 2. At the second level, their enemies are nationalist-religious forces inside Iran who have the political events under their control. 3. Opposition forces outside the country, who are controlling the political situation outside the country are at the third place. They are considered as enemies because MKO's anarchical slogans have no effect while these oppositionists exist. According to this narrow-minded view, Mojahedin have mobilized all their forces in Europe to eliminate defectors in Europe, even by resorting to physical elimination. We, as former members of this organization, who have resisted/and will resist MKO's chantage, warn the agents sent for this mission that their movements are carefully watched by security services. So, they should be careful not to be trapped by the childish policies of the organization. MKO wants to eliminate its main enemies and at the same time create a shaky atmosphere in Europe and take advantage. However, we say to the leader of organization: "come on, it's up to you to take the challenge." In the near future, you'll have to answer for you inhumane crimes. We ,former members of Mojahedin-e khalq, are familiar with the terrorist methods and chantage of MKO. Besides warning European governments about these facts, we condemn MKO's terrorist activities aimed at former members. The names of those signed this letter: 1. Ahmadi, Batool 2. Akbari, Akbari 3. Baghal Nejad Khoee, Jafar 4. Parhizkari, Ardeshir 5. Termado, Edvard 6. Jabani, Masoud 7. Jan Nesaran, Khosro 8. Javaheri Yar, Farhad 9. Haji, Parvin 10. Haghi, Mohammed 11. Haghi, Karim 12. Haghi, Nasser 13. Khodabandeh, Masoud 14. Khodashenas, Saeed 15. Khorrami, Habib 16. Khalaj, Hassan 17. Khoshhal, Mehdi 18. Rastgoo, Ali Akbar 19. Roshan Bin, K. 20. Sobhani, Mohammed Hussein 21. Singleton, Anne 22. Shahrokhi, Robabeh 23. Sadeghian, Hassan 24. Tahmasbi, Jamshid 25. Tayebi, Masoud 26. Farahani, Majid 27. Farzin Pur, Farzad 28. Ghashghavi, Ali 29. K., Elham 30. Kurd Rostami, Ayub 31. Gonjeshki, Jafar 32. Moasaghi, Amir 33. Mohammedi, Hassan 34. Mir Sadeghi Nejad, Abbas 35. Mir Asgari, Alireza 36. Yeganeh, Masoumeh 37. Yusefi, Mitra

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