MKO's terror team has recently entered Europe to identify, kidnap and kill former members of the organization
Ehsan Rajayee was deployed by MKO on 28th September to kidnap a former member of the organization but he was arrested because of the awareness of the former member and the quick act of the Köln police. Ehsan Rajayee has worked for years in Iraq and in the security section of MKO cult. He has been active in suppressing and torture of dissident members. He was the student of Ibrahim Zakeri and was taught by the intelligence and security officers of Saddam Hussein. MKO trusts him and that's why he was sent to Europe. Recently, Mahvash Sepehri (whose duty is to suppress dissident members inside the organization in Iraq) was deploy to Europe along with some other members of security section in order to encounter former members. Ehsan Rajayee was one of those who came after Mahvash Sepehri. His mission was to identify former members, spy on them and kidnap or assassinate them. After failing in suppressing dissident members in Iraq and after the fall of Berlin-like walls in Camp Ashraf and the fall of Saddam and the failure of the strategy of so-called Liberation Army, the leader of the organization has concluded that he should transfer the war, threatening, kidnapping and terror to the Europe's soil. That's why Mahvash Sepehri (Nasrin) was deployed along with some other members. Leader, by terror and kidnapping in Europe, seeks two purposes: First: one of the main barriers for MKO's leader is the existence of former members who have witnessed the crimes of the leader (suppressing, torturing, and imprisoning dissidents and killing Kurds in 1991) and are now trying to take the leader to justice. So, removing these former members, by any means, will make a better situation for the organization in Europe. Second: after removing the former members in Europe, dissident members in Iraq (who, in the future, can make political and legal problems for the leader) will stand in awe and this will prevent them from future acts. After defeating former members, removing other opposition forces in europe by cultish and terrorist methods won't be hard for the leader. Members of Iran-e Bastan Association condemns this terrorist act of Rajavi's band and expresses sympathy with the friends in Roshana Association. Besides wishing success in the way of combating cultish thoughts, this association asks all oppositions and human rights groups to condemn kidnapping by Rajavi's cult and defend legal efforts of former members in order to protect freedom of speech and democracy and to help revelation of terrors and chantages by this terrorist band.

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