MKO has been modeled on foreign terrorist organization and that's why it can't quit violent activities
Mr. Mehdi Khoshhal, former member of MKO, in an interview with Roshana website talked about the recent terrorist acts of MKO in Europe. Referring to the terrorist nature of MKO, he said: "Kidnapping by Mojahedin is not a new issue. It's not the first, won't be the last. I have the same experience with Peyvand Group. Mojahedin, by chantage, violence and harassment, tried to dissolve a newly-formed group. But it failed due to the resistance of former members and MKO's plot was defeated. If we take a look at MKO's history, we'll see that they are kidnappers and murderers and their leader, Mohammed Hanif Nejad, lost his life in the way and founded a method in which Masoud Rajavi and Maryam Azdanlou are the greatest kidnappers of the century in Iraq. They have now 3800 hostages in Iraq. Their behavior is the clear symbol of kidnapping and hostage-taking. Although they were in Iraq under Saddam's orders and former members had a chance to conduct revelations, by sending their political forces to Europe under this pretext that they want to come out of terror list they're trying to test their pressures and want to conduct violent acts against former members." In response to this question that "why does MKO perform such acts while there's no benefit for it?", Mr. Khoshhal said: After losing Iraq and arms, Mojahedin gathered in Europe and shouted slogans to deceive Europeans and hide their terrorist nature. European countries, in their interaction with Iran, want to use MKO as a pressure tool. Mojahedin also try to use this chance and, despite their slogans, take hostages and these moves comprise their real nature. That's why they insist on staying in Iraq, because they can't quit terrorist acts and violence. On the other hand, since they can't put pressure on Iran and other countries, press former members and test the atmosphere and there's no doubt that if we and European police don’t act properly, they will assassinate their opponents." About the sensitivity of MKO toward its former members, Mr. Khoshhal said: "The only reason is that they are aware of the nature of Mojahedin and know the organization which has been involved in terrorism and violence for years; they can reveal this organization, and that's why they fear former members rather than Islamic Republic. At the end, he reminded that Mojahedin has not become a terrorist group gradually, but its structure was terrorist from the beginning. This organization was modeled on other terrorist group, so, it can't quit its activities.

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