Douglas Feith is behind the scenario, the performance of part of which has been given to the terrorist MKO; in return for this cooperation, MKO would be protected in Iraq.
The scandal of infiltration of some people-affiliated with Zionist lobby- into the US government and spying for Israeli government, with the purpose of directing the United States towards a war on Iran, is a reality that shouldn't be ignored. FBI and US Justice Department have concluded in their investigations that some anti-Iran figures want to instigate neoconservaties against Iran. "Larry Franklin", who's been sentenced to 12 years in prison, is a tough anti-Iran figure who transferred Pentagon and NSA's intelligence on Iran to AIPAC officials and Israeli diplomats. He tried to transfer secret reports on Iran's threat for Israel and US interests to Zionist AIPAC lobby, with the hope that AIPAC could press the US to take tougher stance towards Iran. Larry Franklin has admitted having contacts with two senior officials of AIPAC: Steven Rosen former director of AIPAC, Wiseman and an Israeli diplomat in the United States. According to a file presented by US Attorney General, Rosen and Wiseman tried since 1999 to penetrate US officials and get sensitive intelligence through contacts. David Sutterfield, second American diplomat in Iraq, gave secret information to Rosen in 2002. Larry Franklin, formerly deputy of Douglas Feith, had close relationship with some US neo-conservatives outside Bush administration. The case also includes the names of Richard Rhodes, head of the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment, and Michael Ledeen, an American Enterprise Institute scholar who arranged a meeting between Franklin and several Iran opposition figures. Iranian oppositions gave them some information on Iran's threat for US forces in the region. With a brief look at the type of propagandistic attacks by these people (who work to guarantee Israel's interests -even if its costs Iran's destruction- and consider Iran an obstacle in the way of killing innocent Palestinians) and considering the timing of MKO's shows under the name of "revelations", the roots of MKO's propagandas (particularly in the US) could be well understood. Douglas Feith is behind the scenario, the performance of part of which has been given to the terrorist MKO; in return for this cooperation, MKO would be protected in Iraq. All their purposes can be summarized in "efforts for instigating Bush administration to attack Iran, before Iraq crisis could effect decisions of Bush administration". The presence of David Sutterfield in Iraq should also be considered a part of warmongers' plans. Since this policy has repeatedly been revealed (in and elsewhere) and there are solid evidences on the issue, FBI officials should clarify the MKO's dangerous role in spreading propaganda to instigate public opinion against Iran and prevent them from conducting illegal anarchical activities.

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