with all tanks and weapons of MKO, given by Saddam Hussein, there's no need to prove his links with terrorists
Some people try to give a positive picture of the former Iraqi regime and to ignore the facts and realities and crimes by that government. For instance, they deny justifications for US invasion to Iraq and reject existence of ties between Qaeda and Saddam and say that Saddam had no WMD. They believe that Saddam is not responsible for massacring Iraqi people. It's clear that we don’t want to justify the war which led to the fall of Saddam, but we should note that many people want to present unreal pictures, as if the world has lost its historical memory. Now the question is that "shouldn't Saddam answer for using chemical bombs against Iraqis and Iranians?" doesn't he deserve punishment for all his crimes? Isn't he responsible for his ties with terrorist organizations of Al-Qaeda and Mojahedin-e khalq? Mojahedin-e khalq, committed many crimes against Iraqis and Iranians so that Europe was forced to introduce it as a terrorist group and ban all relations with it. Does Saddam's relation with Al-Qaeda and Mojahedin-e khalq, which was given tanks and weapons, needs to be proved? We see terrorists who have come out of their caves and are engaged in sabotage and destruction. If they weren't in touch with Saddam before the invasion, how do they enter this country? With all these killings, massacres and large number of corpses brutally gathered over each other, is there still a need for reasoning?

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