"Nabil Ghassab", Iraqi Turkmen journalist and photographer has discussed in his website the the Iraqis' uprising in 1991 and the crimes of Mojahedin-e khalq at that time.
In part of his memoir on Iraqis' uprising in 1991 and the crimes of Mojahedin-e khalq at that time, "Nabil Ghassab", Iraqi Turkmen journalist and photographer, wrote in his website: "In 1991, Saddam's reign was close to an end. But he ordered his army, air force and republican guards to massacre the people. In addition, he used Mojahedin-e khalq militants to help Iraqi forces in Baqubah in exchange for getting rewards and endless gifts. I want to elaborate on this issue and say that people's uprising in 1991 in southern and central Iraq was crushed by Mojahedin forces and the defeated army of Saddam Hussein. No Kurds, Turkemn or Assyrian took part in that (suppression of people). The issue was the same in the north. Can you remember hundreds of thousands of Kurds who escaped to neighboring countries, fearing the suppression and the repetition of Halabja massacre? Can you remember how their houses, shops and workshops were plundered and innocent people in Irbil, Dihok, Suleimanieh and Kirkuk were killed?

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