Our lawyers had asked the judge to lift the restrictions and bans. As we expected, the judge refused. Chief of France's Counter-Espionage Office said it was right to destroy a terrorist organization
The judge in france, who's prosecuting Rajavi's gang for illegal and criminal charges, has rightly called this group "The Association of Criminals". This, above all, shows depth of judge's recognition of the nature and behavior of the MKO. Abulghassem Rezaee, one of 17 members of this association, has given some explanation about the recent decision of the appeals court (to lift some restrictions on MKO), which itself displays the critical situation of MKO in France. Rezaee, as the one who is fully aware of the case's details, while trying not to reveal much, admits that: 1. MKO's case is still open. He says that the case is practically open and that regime (read "French Judiciary") will try again to keep it open. 2. "Our lawyers had asked the judge to lift the restrictions and bans. As we expected, the judge refused and we took it to appeals court". So, the judge of the case is opposed to lifting these restrictions. 3. "Chief of France's Counter-Espionage Office said it was right to destroy a terrorist organization." This means that France's intelligence services are wholly against the Rajavi's band, which is the result of 25 years experience of countering the deceptions of MKO. 4. "Those countries whose security services investigated MKO supporters know that they can do nothing; they can't stop our political works and resistance against theocracy in Iran. During past 3 years, we have won all courts we were taken to." This means that Europe's security officials are opposed to MKO's illegal activities and that Mojahedin have been forced to accept to only do political works and avoid from violence. Despite these confessions, MKO's propaganda system tries to boost the morale of its desperate members by relating the decision of appeals court to the case itself; they stupidly claim: "The case was based on the claim that some people in France are doing terrorist activities. They had even coined the name of "The Association of Criminals" for the MKO. With baseless charges, they created some restrictions for the officials of resistance to cut their relations with activities. When the court cancels the ruling it means that whole charges were baseless." This claim is so invalid that Rezaee himself admits to the hatred of European officials for the MKO and says: "Informed sources quoted a European government saying that when MKO is bombed, more than half of them will go to Iran and others will disperse; then we can deal with remaining small groups". In addition, Rezaee refers to the measures taken by the US and Europeans after 9/11 and that how, in line with fighting terrorism, they controlled the group. However, MKO still tries to attribute all this global opposition (to Rajavi's group) to Iran!

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