The French police say the association intended to celebrate the 26 th anniversary of the Iranian revolution with a demonstration in Paris. After publication of the leaflets and adverts in the papers it became clear that the aim was to demonstrate in support of the NCRI which is the loudspeaker of the MKO.
Report by Nasrin Basiri, 12 February The French police say the association intended to celebrate the 26 th anniversary of the Iranian revolution with a demonstration in Paris. After publication of the leaflets and adverts in the papers it became clear that the aim was to demonstrate in support of the NCRI which is the loudspeaker of the MKO. This organization is in the list of terrorist organizations which the European Union announced 12 December 2002. On the other hand the MKO demonstrations in Paris in 2003 had a bitter ending including the self burning of some of the demonstrators. As a result and considering the international situation, it is possible that this demonstration would end up violating public peace and order and should be stopped. In this respect the French police decided not to give permission to this demonstration. After this, the "human rights organization" published huge newspaper adverts and billboards all over the city of Berlin asking people to participate in a demonstration commemorating the 26th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution and against the breach of human rights in Iran. In some other advertisements there were other new names also asking people. Tats, the German news-paper wrote that the NCRI and MKO are inviting people for a demo on 10th Feb. On the Thursday morning German police announced that the NCRI demo is not permitted because there are serious concerns about the motives and the aims of the organizers and the announcers. On the morning of the same day a local court freed the demo but with conditions. The conditions were: 1-Masoumeh Bolourchi (one of the heads of MKO) is not allowed to give speeches during the demo; 2- Demonstrators are not allowed to display the MKO logo; 3-The demo should not walk and should be confined to one specific area; 4-The above conditions should be read clearly twice at the start and the finish of the demo. We know that when the demo was supposed to be in Paris, the organizers had asked friends to join and had offered transport and a stay in a hotel. They had been told all expenses would be paid. An employee of a political refugee camp in Berlin said that they had been calling the refugees and ask them to participate emphasizing that all expenses would be paid by them.With this in mind I set off for there…a lot of police around… the area is very quiet, no cars, no people. I get nearer and now see some small and big busses parked alongside the road. Many have been sitting inside and eating sandwiches. Some have transparent ponchos. They are most probably the organizers. I switch on my recorder and as I am passing the busses start asking. Can I ask why you are demonstrating? Where are you coming from? How did you know about the demonstration? Do you think that by giving power to Massoud and Maryam we would achieve democracy? Little by little the glossy pictures of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi are coming out and the slogan of "Iran, Rajavi - Rajavi, Iran". There are about a thousand gathering around a podium. The loudspeakers are very strong. Maybe about the same number are scattered in the area. I get the microphone near the mouth of about 60 to 70 people half with smile and half with annoyance, none want to talk. Half don't know Farsi or German. Two middle age French women have come from Paris and only speak French and repeat something and show the picture of Maryam Rajavi and ask me if I know her. Some black men are standing in the middle of the street. One has a rain coat with the map of Iran printed on it. On one side of the map is the picture of Maryam and the other side the picture of Massoud Rajavi. They don't want me to talk to them. They look afraid or ervous. Asking if they have come for the demonstration, they answer 'NO'. I point to their clothes and say, 'then what are these?' Without a word they pass beside me. Farther away a bearded man is looking at me. Then I get stuck with some young boys. Me first, me first. Me. Me. They come from Stuttgart and Nuremburg. 'We want freedom, we want freedom'… looks as if they met each other in the bus. I ask them, 'do we achieve freedom by Massoud and Maryam?' One says, 'I don't think so', the other says, 'I hope so', and the third advises that we should have unity... the man who was watching me has vanished. I see a bunch who don't look like Iranians… I ask 'where have you come from?' One says from Dagestan. The other from Gergisestan and the other from Gorjestan. Another young one starts repeating all the names of the former Soviet Union and says 'from all of them, we are from every where'. They don't know German. A little English. I try to ask them why they have joined the demo? They look at each other and start translating my words to each other. One said it is against Bush. 'Bush is bad.' A woman answers 'to get the Mojahedin out of list of terrorists. We have come to show who is terrorist.' A man who can barely talks says 'they have told us to bring as many people as possible because for every person, one thousand will demonstrate and god willing the regime will be toppled.' Beside the road a few black men are standing and saying something in French. I ask them if they come from Paris. They nod their heads. They say they came from Belgium to participate. A fairly old woman gives me a lecture about how Massoud and Maryam and the Liberation Army are the only way for the people of Iran. A young blue eye girl has come from Sweden and says we are demonstrating to say that we don't want Europe to deal with Iran, and America to go to war with Iran. And then a smile and she motions to the picture of Maryam Rajavi with her head and says. 'The Third Way.' A few men are standing and talking and laughing. One of them has hidden his head with a scarf. He doesn't understand me. I repeat. No use. Another says "no capito" I say "takalom Arabi?" OK. They are Arabs and have come from Venice. I ask some one else why are they demonstrating? A young one says we have gathered to stop Americans attacking Iran. I say there are rumors that the Mojahedin are getting money from America. For example, for this demonstration? What do you say? A middle age man says this is all rumor. The trip money was paid by the organization itself. Some have even come themselves. A man has come from Texas…there are 13 more from Texas, but the other parts of US no one knows. Most of the participants have come from the Netherlands. After that from Sweden. The number of Iranians from Germany was very low. I did not see even one person from Berlin itself. After the program I rang all the numbers which had been announced. In Paris there was a French answering machine. In Germany a German machine. On one telephone a woman answers and promises that someone will call back in 10 minutes. I get the number of Mr Dabiran and call him. He is on his way, call in 45 minutes. I call in 45 minutes. No one picks up the phone. Two hours later, 3 hours later…no one. I call a few times to find the first woman. No chance. At last someone takes the phone and tells me there is no one I can connect you to. I say no problem I was trying to have the organizations view so I wouldn't have to write something one sided. Before, the officials of the MKO would rudely say they do not wish to talk. This new approach is maybe a little bit better.

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