Mrs. Rajavi and the sect under her command do not believe in their own proposal and are therefore incapable of giving a detailed explanation of the practicalities of the Third Way. Rajavi knows better than anybody that the success of an opposition force depends on its popularity, the accountability of its leadership and whether it is perceived as trustworthy once in power. In all these factors the MKO has failed miserably – which even the MKO's own supporters do not dispute. They would not expect a snake to give birth to a dove.
Responses to the Mojahedin's new policy statement Respect for human rights in any country must spring forth through the will of the people and as part of a genuine democratic process. Such respect can never be imposed by foreign might and coercion – an approach that abounds in contradictions. Not only would a foreign invasion of Iran vitiate popular support for human rights activism, but by destroying civilian lives, institutions and infrastructure, war would also usher in chaos and instability. Respect for human rights is likely to be among the first casualties. … the most effective way to promote human rights in Iran is to provide moral support and international recognition to independent human rights defenders and to insist that Iran adhere to the international human rights laws and conventions that it has signed. Shirin Ebadi and Hadi Ghaemi, The New York Times, February 8. What Iranians say: Any invasion or bombing of Iran will increase militarism, strengthen the grip of religious fanatics over the state and nation, and further erode democratic and human rights in Iran. ( petition.html) What the MKO says: Those with vested interests in the status quo assert that change in Iran could only come through a military intervention similar to Iraq and, therefore, advocate continuing the policy of conciliation. …There is a third option: If foreign obstacles are removed, the Iranian people and their organized resistance have the capability to bring about change. This is the only way to prevent foreign invasion. …the People’s Mojahedin, (a member of the NCRI) is the pivotal force within the Resistance… …The terrorist tag on the People’s Mojahedin is politically and morally unwarranted …This movement, with its democratic interpretation of Islam, is the antithesis to fundamentalism and advocates a pluralistic state on the basis of the separation of Church and State. …the Western policy of appeasing of the clerical regime has seriously impeded change in Iran The US position: Iran is the world's primary state sponsor of terror [that is, Iran does not recognize the state of Israel] …the administration has not yet presented a clear-cut strategy for dealing with Iran, instead hinting alternately that the solution may be European-led negotiations with Tehran, an Israeli military attack or a rebellion led by the Iranian opposition …In place of negotiations, the administration and many members of Congress seem to be suggesting that the Iranian people should revolt – Mark Palmer former State Dept official: "We need to find all the ways we can to support and encourage the Iranian people to stand up for their rights." …David Kay [former weapons inspector in Iraq] recommended that the administration safeguard the quality of its intelligence on Iran by involving respected outside experts in its assessment. He also warned that the United States would only invite international derision by relying Iranian exiles for material to support its case, as it relied on Iraqi expatriates in 2003. …The CIA is… resisting the recruitment of agents from the MEK because senior officers regard them as unreliable cultists under the sway of Rajavi and her husband. Abolhassan Banisadr, first postrevolution president of Iran: If the Third Way presented by Rajavi's group is not based on supporting them in the context of a US attack on Iran, it will leave the dead body of this organization on the hands of US government. In a recent MKO television broadcast, Mehdi Abrishamchi (MKO's liaison officer with Saddam's Secret Services for over 20 Years) said: "At the end of the day we will strike a deal with those who have put us in the terrorism list". The Mojahedin's so called Third Way is nothing more than shamefully demanding military intervention in Iran by the US. It is undeniable that without this intervention the MKO cannot find any way into Iran. But even with the support of such intervention, the MKO's presence would only antagonize the people of Iran against Americans. If there is such a concept as the Third Way, it would take the form of giving support to the Iranian opposition for a 'velvet revolution'. This would naturally involve all the opposition groups; monarchists, republicans, leftists and others, each of which have some support inside or outside Iran. But not the MKO. Historically the MKO is hated and despised by Iranians both inside and outside Iran. That is why we see all kinds of dialogue and discussion between the various opposition groups, but the MKO is never present and is never invited. Supporting the MKO means opposing and denying all the other opposition groups. Supporting the MKO's armed struggle means rejecting change with the backing of the Iranian people. This is the best present you can give to the hardliners of Iranian politics. The hardliners in Iran have used the MKO for over 20 years using the argument that the so called opposition is that which would fight against its own country alongside Saddam Hussein. Supporting the MKO now serves as a reminder of Saddam's support for the group. If they could not do it with the backing of Saddam's army - and they tried their utmost several times – how can anyone believe that supporting them now does not mean military intervention by the USA. This is the worst kind of attack you can make on the real opposition who will have to either side with the regime against a foreign enemy, or lose their credibility altogether. Rajavi and others know full well that this Third Way (supporting a small number of terrorists) is nothing other than the Second Way: military attack. Now that the American president has openly downgraded the possibility of such attack, the focus should be on helping Iran's real opposition. And the first step is to rid them of hated people like the MKO. Mohammad Hossein Sobhani, Germany: The Mojahedin has always opposed non-violent Iranian opposition groups and movements, and labels them appeasers of the mullahs regime. Reformers and moderates alike are accused of 'working for the regime'. This is because Massoud Rajavi will be automatically pushed aside if a political solution is found to Iran's constitutional deadlock. If it is resolved politically through the will of the people, he will never be the country's chosen leader. His only hope is the military removal of Iran's constitutional rulers and their replacement by his own form of rule. But, certainly the cost of the war in Iraq in both personnel and financial terms militates against further military intervention in the region. Massoud Rajavi knows the US threats are unrealistic, and because of this he has called, through his wife, for the Third Way, which purportedly avoids an invasion by foreign forces. But Rajavi is not thinking about the people of Iran, he is advertising his organisation as a mercenary force to potential buyers. His sales pitch is that 'the US can't attack Iran but we can, and while keeping a democratic face'. Rajavi's representative Mojgan Parsaii has said the National Liberation Army is ready. Give us money, weapons and leave toppling the regime to us. This is what they really mean by democratic change or the Third Way. Reading between the lines of this offer you can see their army is standing in quicksand in Iraq and that after the recent election of a majority of Shiites and Kurds, it is quite naïve to talk of a Mojahedin army in Iraq. While there are some in the Pentagon who still believe the MKO can provide people for spying and sabotage, both hawks and doves agree that the MKO cannot be categorized as an opposition or an alternative for Iran. Whatever is proposed, the Pentagon faces several obstacles to using the MKO. The MKO: is listed as a terrorist organisation is hated inside Iran is hated outside Iran – republicans, monarchists, nationalists, religious groups, the Fedayeen, the CommunistWorkers' Party – no-one will touch them because of the MKO's anti-nationalism, contempt for Iran's people and nonnegotiable hegemony in its dealings. What exactly is meant by the phrase 'the Iranian people and their organized resistance have the capability to bring about change', when the MKO is so universally hated by Iranians. Of course, the biggest obstacle to using the MKO is that it is demanding its salary in power [in Iran] rather than just in opposition status – it will not end with removing them from the terrorist lists. In reality the way to bring about change in Iran – as with any country – is through the political and social movements of its own people employing non-violent methods of civil disobedience and negative actions such as strikes. Not only will military action - on any scale and with whatever force - fail to effect the desired change, it will destroy the current progress of these movements and compound the deadlock on change. Maryam Khoshnevis, Sweden: What is the Third Way? Mrs Rajavi's Third Way, as a solution to the impasse faced by the MKO since the fall of Saddam, could not be more vague, unreasonable and indefensible. The MKO sect is based on a militant, reactionary ideology theorized by Massoud and Maryam. Therefore any solution proposed by them could not be without violence and terrorism. They never give analyses of their proposals. If they did, they would have to openly admit terrorism as their strategy which would make life even more difficult for them than it already is. The MKO has always maintained that dialogue or rapprochement does not work with Iran. Yet it now pretends to reject a military option and instead introduce a Third Way which says the west should not engage with Iran, it should support the indigenous opposition. The emphasis is that this can only work if the MKO is taken off the terrorist list. This condition is stressed without actually explaining what this Third Way actually means. Considering Iranian society exactly what is the MKO's approach? Exactly what mechanism is it proposing for change? We assume that, if not an accepted part of the Iranian people's demands, the Third Way will obviously not work. About the MKO What happens inside the MKO sect it considers to be its utmost secrets which should never be revealed. This is because it would reveal conditions which amount to a modern slavery thereby nullifying its claim to be democratic, moderate or progressive. The sect's efforts to suppress this paradox means it is in constant contradiction and will one day burn in the fire it has created. Even today the eyes and throat of the MKO is burning from the smoke of this fire. Inside the sect, loyalty to the indoctrinated theory of Rajavi's Ideological Revolution is more important than accepting the fundamentals of the religion such as belief in God. Maryam says, "Whoever casts doubt on the existence of a unique God may be forgiven, but whoever casts doubt on the uniqueness of Mr Massoud Rajavi will not be forgiven, because God is not tangible and cannot be seen, but Mr Rajavi is present and can be met." A sect built on such rubbish can produce nothing other than dictatorship, indoctrination, psychological manipulation, torture and imprisonment, and replacing the individual's identity with an organizational identity. In this world view, anyone who does not submit to this ideology is said to lack understanding. MKO members naturally see themselves as superior to everybody else in the world. They are given a gun and programmed to open up the way for the cult's survival and evolution. It is the height of tragedy when one person believes that society should be corrected according to his own understanding by the force of arms. When these combatants hit a wall which they cannot penetrate, their organizational order is to crush their cyanide tablets and 'free' themselves or to 'burn themselves' and become 'eternal'. Rajavi's totalitarian sect presents not only an obstacle to Iranian opposition groups, it is an obstacle in front of humanity. Rajavi accepts nothing but total slave-like submission and lives on the blood of others' sacrifices. This blood sucking has only one aim and that is power. Certainly this is not a new phenomenon in history. Those who wish to use them as mercenaries should further investigate their nature, ideology and agendas so they would not be disappointed and shocked by what they find in their hands. What do the people of Iran want? Whatever it is, it is far away from what the MKO stands for, and is in fact the opposite of that. The day the MKO took up arms from Baghdad was the day it stood in front of the Iranian people. It cannot claim to be on the side of Iranian people let alone claim to be their rescuers. The MKO is to Iranians as the Taliban and Bin Laden was to Afghanis, and as Saddam was to Iraqis. You don't have to be a genius to work this out. What, then, is the Third Way? Considering the above, surely it is imperative to ask Mrs Rajavi herself to explain the mechanism of her proposal. The MEPs who have listened to her in Europe should ask what the MKO proposed previously to achieve this regime change. Why do the people of Iran despise them and reject them? If democracy in Iran was supposed to have been achieved by MKO arms, why is it that Mr Rajavi declared to Saddam Hussein "Our relation with you is not based only on strategy and goals, we are the same sprit in two bodies". (Extract from film of Rajavi and General Haboush). The truth is another thing. Mrs. Rajavi and the sect under her command do not believe in their own proposal and are therefore incapable of giving a detailed explanation of the practicalities of the Third Way. Rajavi knows better than anybody that the success of an opposition force depends on its popularity, the accountability of its leadership and whether it is perceived as trustworthy once in power. In all these factors the MKO has failed miserably – which even the MKO's own supporters do not dispute. They would not expect a snake to give birth to a dove. The Rajavi sect is desperately waiting for a military attack on Iran so that it might gain something from the differences between what it labels the Imperialists and the Reactionaries. (The labels stem from the cult's belief in its own superiority.) Not long ago the MKO labeled the ruling reactionaries as road makers for the Imperialists and thus placed its struggle against Reactionaries above its struggle against Imperialists. Now that the Imperialists are showing their teeth and claws to the Reactionaries, the Revolutionary MKO sits like a vulture dreaming of a war so that it can eat. To hide this unpalatable truth, it plays with the idea of a Third Way, pretending to be democratic and anti-war so that the way for its use as a mercenary force – remove it from the international terrorist list – is opened up and they can be employed more readily.

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