I had no way but to stay. I always had quarrels with the higher-ups, especially with Mehrdad Rezazadeh. He accused me of being like a creditor toward the leader of MKO. I said that I didn't want their leader. I just wanted to take my brother and go. I said that I wanted to go to Italy not to Iraq.
I'm Pouria Ghvami, from the city of Sanandaj. I left Iran on 26th of April, 2002 and went to turkey. First, a person called "Ali Ahmadi" took us to Turkey for labor. We were four (I and two brothers of mine as well as two of our neighbors, Ronak and Shahram Dashti) in the city of Van. Then they separated us from Ronak and Mehran and said that they would take these two to a safe house and then they would get back and take us too. They took Ronak and my brother. We didn't know that we were going to MKO. They had only said that they would take us to the safe house only until they would get enough money. We were taken to a house where illegally trafficked people were taken to. There, I couldn't find my brother and Ronak. I asked Ali Ahmadi about them. "I have sent them to Ankara," he said. Then immediately he said: "Do you like to go to Mojahedin-e khalq?" I had never heard of the MKO before. It was suspicious. "Why?" is asked. "Because Mehran and Ronak have accepted it and have gone. Mehran had not my permission. I was older and he had not asked me about it. We also signed their documents and went to Ankara. There, they introduced a man called Ali Ankarayee to us. He came and said that Ronak and Mehran have gone to Iraq. I protested to him but he said that they had gone by their own will. We stayed at Ali's home for a week; then he took us to Iraq. In Iraq, 3 or 4 armed men came and when I asked them about my brother they said that he is in a building of MKO. In that building I asked about Ronak and Mehran. They said that they had gone to Reception Section. They said that I had to wait for a few days and sign a number of documents. I had to write everything about myself in order to be allowed to go and see my brother. In Ashraf Camp, they told me to go to Entrance Section. There, they ordered me to go to Reception Section. I said that I had not come to stay but they said that I had to stay otherwise I had to remain for two years in Reception and then eight years in Abu Ghraib prison as an Iranian spy. I had no way but to stay. I always had quarrels with the higher-ups, especially with Mehrdad Rezazadeh. He accused me of being like a creditor toward the leader of MKO. I said that I didn't want their leader. I just wanted to take my brother and go. I said that I wanted to go to Italy not to Iraq. Then they sent me to the army. I was in Base 11. After two weeks they took us to a place called "Mandali" since it was announced that the US was going to invade Iraq. There, I found that I should escape to seek shelter by Americans and say that Mojahedin have kept me here by force. First, I wrote my request for leaving the MKO and gave it to Parviz Safayee. He asked me about the reason and I said that I didn't accept their strategy, ideology and …. I said that I wanted to go. He said that he would solve my problems but I refused. I said that I couldn’t stay away from my family. He said that he hadn't seen his family for 23 years. I said: "Maybe you don’t want to see your family, but I want because I love them, I owe them. Anyway, after long discussions and struggles with Mahmood Dorbahani they submitted me to Americans. I was in the US camp for 18 months. I practiced painting with Arsalan Ismaeli. In the MKO, they didn't let us do such things. When someone wanted to paint, they said that it would take the person to life. When I wanted to be alone, they said that you would drown in contradictions. They never let you be alone. I never liked them. I didn't want to join the organization of hypocrites; of course, they call themselves Mojahedin-e khalq but khalq (people of Iran) hates them! I didn't accept them that's why I came back to Iran on March 3, 2005. In order to watch the film of interview, please click <1>here<1>. To read MEK and Human Smuggling, please click <2>here<2>.

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