I should note that they claim of Islam but it's only a cover for their deceptions. That night, Roghayeh Abbasi had a heavy makeup, that I had never seen in her photos or in other meetings. She had used a very provoking perfume and it seemed that she wanted to play with my sensations
I'm Gholamreza Gohari, born in 1974. I'm married and I have a kid. In 2002, I was introduced to the MKO. We were in contact by an email address and chat for a week. Then, they asked me to go to Turkey. In January, I left Iran. In Turkey I was introduced to a man called "Ali Ankara" who was MKO's main contact man. After two weeksin Turkey I was sent to Iraq by this man. As soon as I arrived, I had to sign several documents. One of the obligatory things was to divorce your wife. They said that it's one of the ideologies of the MKO; one should become revolutionary! The first one I met was "Fahimeh Arvani". After two weeks in the Entrance Section, I didn't know her. I talked to her and I said easily that I didn't want to stay there. The reason I joined the MKO was that I was looking for a political case so that I could live in a European country. When I talked to Fahimeh Arvani she called me a "mercenary"! a "quitter"! I didn't know her. The more she insulted me, the more I insulted her. They took me to a unit and kept me there for a month. I was becoming mad. Those days were really difficult. My only amusements were my own poems that I wrote. They game me a packet of cigarettes each day and behaved me like an animal. It was not important for them whether I ate my food. When the war began, a man called Idin came and talked to me. He said that they were going to leave the Camp (Ashraf) and that they were going to the "ground". He said I could go with them otherwise I would be killed by bombings. No one likes to be killed. I accepted to go with them. I had to ask this in written form. I wrote the request. They took me to "Reception section" and the first thing they did was to take me to CounterIntelligence. They asked me the reason for my behavior with Fahimeh Arvani and that why I had gone to Iraq. I was not addicted; I had wife and kids and I had job in Iran, so I had not major problems. Unfortunately, most of the people there in the MKO were those who had moral problems, addicted people and …. MKO asked me to admit that I was sent by the Iranian intelligence ministry. Our quarrel took 2-3 hours. Then, they returned me to the Reception Section. I was there for a day or two. Then they took us to the "ground". I thought that escaping from the MKO in the "ground" is easy but they had appointed Ezzat Massouri (from MKO's security section) to watch me all the time. He followed me wherever I went. When on the "ground", I threw my gun toward Ezzat and I said that I was not in their war and that they couldn't count on me. For this, they took me to meet Roghayeh Abbasi (in charge of 4th army). She was not alone; there were Saeed Chavoshi, Roghayeh, Nayereg, Narges and two or three others with her. They talked to me for 3 hours. I only said that I didn't want to stay there and that I wanted to be with my wife and kids. Roghayeh had good behavior. She said that they would bring my wife there and that I could talk to her on the phone for the moment. But I said that I wanted to return to Iran. I should note that they claim of Islam but it's only a cover for their deceptions. That night, Roghayeh Abbasi had a heavy makeup, that I had never seen in her photos or in other meetings. She had used a very provoking perfume and it seemed that she wanted to play with my sensations. After three hours, I didn't accept. They said that they didn't know what to do with me. The next day they returned me to Ashraf Camp and took me to Reception Section. There were nearly 40 ones there who didn't want to stay in the MKO. A number of MKO's mobs were also there, threatening us. Nader Rafi' Nejad threatened me several times. I had not good situation in Reception Section. They gave me diazepam tablets each day. There were some who begged to receive diazepam since they had problems, they were addicts… but whenever I said they gave me enough tablets because they wanted me to swallow the tablets and sleep. They didn't want me to talk. While I was there they took me several times to the Counter-intelligence and forced me to accept their revolution. After the Reception Section was finished I didn't join the army. They took me again to the counter-intelligence and kept me for a week. They threatened me continuously. Even a man called Mohammed Reza Mozarmi threatened to rape me. They pressed me but I didn't accept. They held a meeting for me, with Kak Adel, Abbasali, Reza Moradi, Saeed Naghash, Farid Mahootchi; they offered thousands of things but I didn’t accept. Finally, they said that they would resort to force. I asked for time to think. They gave me 48 hours. I returned to the unit and I swallowed the tablets I had gathered (nearly 85 diazepam and amitriptyline tablets). When I opened my eyes I found myself in the hospital of Ashraf Camp. There was a room like a solitary confinement. Later I found that I had been unconscious. They had washed my stomach. The next day they took me and my friend Shahrooz to the Exit Section. We were in the exit section for 45 days without knowing anyone around us. After 45 days, Americans came to visit us. Then, we learned that our case is in the hands of Americans and that the MKO is no more in control. We felt comfortable. A US colonel called Hibert asked me to remove the fences around until they could take us to their own camp. For some days Americans didn't come to visit us. They came everyday, but it was 3 days that they had not come. So, we rebelled. We gathered all military uniforms on the roof and set them on fire to send a signal for the Americans, to come and save us. Meanwhile, Ali Abrisham was filming our movements. So, we attacked him and broke his handy cam. Then, they contacted Americans and said that a number of mobs have rebelled in the Camp. Around 20 US soldier came to suppress us. When they came, we sat and behaved very politely. We expressed our requests for them. Hibert came and asked us to be calm. He said that the organization has said that we were trash of the MKO and that they had thrown us away. He asked us not to allow the MKO to take advantage of us. We asked him to save us. After 3 days they took us to live in small units. Meanwhile Americans took DNA samples from us, fingerprinted us, took photos and … I was with Americans for 19 months and I was waiting to leave it as soon as possible. They said that Red Cross doesn't accept it. Finally, we crossed the borders on March 1 and I'm happy that I have returned to my life. Americans had given a phone number with which our families could contact us (10 minutes for each week). MKO tapped our phone talks. I don't know how. Now the families contact their children in the US camp. To watch the film of interview on Habilian website, please click <1>here<1>. To read MEK and Human Smuggling, please click <2>here<2>.

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