This is the very simple reason for the West's distrust in MKO, but MKO members now ask why the West, and Britain in particular, pay no attention to the group?
Foreign Relations Committee of British Parliament released a report on Iran, acknowledging Iran's increasing influence in the Middle East and that International Community's interaction with Iran was crucial. The report called Iran "the emerging big power" in the region. This report, provided by Foreign Relations Committee and the assistance by many Iran experts, asks the government of Britain to play a constructive role in interaction with Iran, regardless of the West's conflicts with Iran. The report stresses that Iran's role in Iraq has been exaggerated. Referring to the two countries' history, the report clarifies that Iran wants to ensure that there would be no military threat from western neighbors. What's important is the fact that realistic report of the foreign relations committee shows that the views of MKO lobby in the UK (as the group's major and the most powerful lobby) is discredited and isolated. The report indicates that experts' views are totally against the viewpoints of the Rajavi's gang. Experience has proved that MKO's political views, expressed and repeated by their supporters and lobbies, result from their organizational interests and have not signs of reality. Therefore, when looking for the reasons of West's distrust in MKO's views, Mojahedin should look into their own "ideological views on political phenomena". In this way, there would be no need to win the support of secondary western figures. This is the very simple reason for the West's distrust in MKO, but MKO members now ask why the West, and Britain in particular, pay no attention to the group?* There are, of course, excuses- like economical ties between Iran and the West- to fool the members in Camp Ashraf; but, these won't work for those who are directly involved in MKO's political issues and feel the crisis in the group. So, it should be stressed that the group and the leaders in particular are entangled in a political and strategic deadlock, and that the consequences are still to come. ------------------------------------------- * Ali Safavi, MKO TV channel, Aug. 12, 2007

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