They held meetings, and threatened us to death. They said that they would deliver us to the Iraqi security service and that they would accuse us of being Iranian spies. They said that we had to stay in Abu Ghraib prison for 8 to 15 years.
In the name of God, I'm Nasser Yousefi, from the city of Karaj. Late in 2002, one of my friends called me and told me to go to Turkey. He gave me a phone number and ordered me to call him. I thought that man is a human smuggler, who transfers people from turkey to other European countries. I met that man and I asked about my friend Shahram. After 7-8 hours, he asked me if I was going to work and that if I like to go to Europe. I said I should be in touch with my friend Shahram. "Shahram has managed his works to go Iraq for 3-6 months in order to seek political asylum in European countries like Germany, France and the UK," he said. Like any other Iranian youth, I liked to go to Europe for living and working. Anyway, I was deceived by this man and I found myself in Iraq. In Iraq, they took us to the Entrance Section of the MKO. I insisted that I should meet my friend, and there were even struggle between me and some others. They said that I couldn't meet him. "Here's Iraq. You speak so much. We can give you to the Iraqi Estekhbarat (security service) and accuse you of spying and things like that." I was in Entrance Section for about two weeks. I didn't accept them; they had brought me, and many others, there by deception. They told us that we had to stay in Exit Section for two years and work there because I had got information. This was what they said. "What information?" I asked. I had not even left a room without permission. I had always quarrels with them. And they finally surrendered and brought my friend in. "Where is here?" I asked him. "I was deceived," he said. I said that I was deceived too. I said that they had brought me by deception and that I didn't accept them. MKO tapped all conversations; they had placed microphones in all units. They took us to the Reception Section. 99 percent of people there were those who had been taken to the MKO by deception and fraud. These people, like us, liked to go to Europe. We wrote that we wanted to quit but they didn't accept. We had just found that it was Iraq. It was the MKO which killed Iranian youths. I had passed two months since we had written our will to leave the MKO. We were under severe mental pressure. They held meetings, and threatened us to death. They said that they would deliver us to the Iraqi security service and that they would accuse us of being Iranian spies. They said that we had to stay in Abu Ghraib prison for 8 to 15 years. After 6 months, the US attacked Iraq and we could save ourselves from these criminals. These criminals had taken many people to Iraq by deception, under the name of job, life and freedom. When the Americans disarmed Mojahedin-e khalq we got more freedom of action. When Saddam was in power they held meetings and beat the dissidents in the meetings. They broke their arms and legs with chair. They planned for this. When Iraq was at war they wanted to take us to the ground. We refused but they threatened that they would kill us and would dump our corpses into the septic tank. I was inside the MKO for 11 to 12 months but I and 3 others had promised each other to try to leave and oppose the organization because they were terrorists. They killed our brothers, sisters, mothers and all other Iranians in their terrorist operation. When the US troops took control of the camp, they took us to Exit Section and I was there for about a year. It was a difficult situation. Now I'm a bit nervous and that's due to the hard situation there and the pressure by the MKO. In Exit section, for 45 to 50 days, they didn't treat us in a good manner. They called us "enemy", "Iranian agents" and…. Finally we were transferred to the US-run camp and I was there for about 20 months. Now that I've returned to my country I'm very happy. I wish success for all Iranians and all my friends in US camp. I hope to see them soon. To watch the film of interview, please click <1>here<1>. To read "MEK and Human Smuggling", please click <2>here<2>.

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