To keep its forces in Iraq, bankrupt remnants of Rajavi- currently in custody of US forces- had promised Americans that the Sunni lists would be winner of the elections; also, after the elections, they claimed that Sunnis would resist the results.
Those who scored lower number of votes in Iraqi elections are not losers, but the big losers are puppet groups and henchmen who wanted to use election results to create a civil war in the country; those who wanted to victimize innocent Iraqis in order to get to the ugly goals of their masters! Yesterday, news agencies reported that the major list of Sunni groups (Iraqi Consensus Front) have reached an agreement and have conducted negotiations with Masoud Barzani. New York Times reported that "The largest Sunni Arab political group in Iraq unexpectedly moved toward agreement with Kurd leaders Monday on a broad framework for a coalition government." CNN also said that these negotiations would help ending the standoff." "After the negotiations and in a press conference, Adnan Al-Dulaimi of Consensus party, Tariq Al-Hashimi, secretary general of Islamic Party, and Mahmud Mashhadani, an official from Consensus party, stressed the need to form a national unity government." Mahdi Al-Hafiz, from Ayad Allawi's Al-Iraqia list (that had taken radical stances after the results of election were announced) also said that "at the current situation, no one can form a government without political coalition and the only solution for the current standoff is to establish security and avoid political groupings." This proves that they have all understood that there's no way except giving in to the results and the will of the majority of people. Also, US press and media reminded that, in order to stop spreading the divisions in Iraq, US officials are also pressing Iraq's political groups to work towards formation of a coalition government, and this is exactly the what the winners of majority votes insist on. To keep its forces in Iraq, bankrupt remnants of Rajavi- currently in custody of US forces- had promised Americans that the Sunni lists would be winner of the elections; also, after the elections, they claimed that Sunnis would resist the results. In the previous election in Iraq (for parliament), bankrupt crisis-stricken band of Rajavi, had asked Sunnis and Baath remnants to boycott the elections; MKO even told its members that the US wouldn't allow the Shiites to win the election and that they (Americans) were looking for someone like Saddam who opposed Iran. MKO thought it could restore the pre-war situation after such a person comes to power in Iraq. After the previous election and approval of constitution, Mojahedin started wide range of activities to create a civil war and compensate the previous failure; for instance, they instigated Sunni groups to resist the results of recent elections. However, the results proved that restoring a government like that of Saddam in Iraq is impossible and that terrorist groups have no future in Iraq. Therefore, Rajavi's band should be introduced as the main loser of the recent elections. The events in Iraq lead the group towards total destruction and expulsion from Iraq.

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