…Since I was under heavy pressure, once I wanted to set myself on fire but the lighter didn't work so I had to go and bring some matches but Reza Hamedani called the commanders and stopped me.
My name is Sarmast Mohseni. I had already married when I decided to sell my wife's jewelries and go to Turkey with the money to find a job. There, at the first day of my arrival, I was deceived by MKO agents. A man called "Amir" who was with me in hotel. He said that he would find me a job. Instead of finding a job, he took me to the home of a supporter [of MKO]. Two or three men stood outside the house. "Give them 20-30 thousand Tomans and they would find a good job for you," Ali said. They took me to their house and I watched videotapes of the MKO; they asked me to join their organization but I refused. I had wife and children; they lived in a rental house and were waiting for me to give them money. However, when they said they would give 500 to 1000 dollars to me, I accepted to go with them. In the organization, a man who introduced himself as Abbas Ali was my commander. I told him that I was supposed to receive 500 to 1000 dollars and that a woman called Ra'fat had promised that the MKO would buy me house… He said I was wrong and that I even had to devote everything to the organization; "You should even bring your wife here and leave your child in an orphanage," he said. From the beginning, I started to fight with them with quarrels, hunger strikes and …Since I was under heavy pressure, once I wanted to set myself on fire but the lighter didn't work so I had to go and bring some matches but Reza Hamedani called the commanders and stopped me. Anyway, 6 months passed like 60 years. I didn't obey them because if you obeyed them once you had to go with them for ever. I knew that I shouldn't cooperate with them, otherwise they would send me to the army. Members had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and work until 10 at night. When I said that I wanted to call my parents, they said there is no compassion in the organization and that Massoud is your everything. "He is your God and what he says to you is the word of the God". This led me to more hatred for the MKO. Imagine, a man marries the wife of another man (right before his eyes) in Camp Ashraf; even infidels don't do that. He married himself then ordered all others to divorce! He calls this equality and justice. I didn't like the MKO for such issues. My life was under pressure. I felt I was in a cage. Eventually, they transferred me to the Exit section. I was there for 6 months and 15 day; I was also in US-run camp for 19 months. An American soldier asked me why I had come and I said because I was illiterate and because they deceived me for money. I begged him to return me to Iran. "I don’t want to go to Europe or American. I want to be with my wife and child". After a long time, I was returned to Iran. Click <1>here<1> please to read "MKO and Human Smuggling".

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