What's important regarding MKO's critical situation is that whether the MKO accepts the US conditions or not, there'll be no changes in its future. Anyway, the gang of Rajavi should be considered something of the past.
To be or not to be: this is the meaning of current hard times for the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq organization (which it tries to hide); that's because: "Rajavi's in custody and Americans have asked him to accept the following conditions: Quitting armed struggle, changing leadership and altering the organization of the group." Everything started when the godfather "Saddam", who supported the group unquestionably, was toppled; since then, obstacles for staying in Iraq turned into big threats for this organization. Then, remaining on the list of terrorist organizations- which always created political problems for the group- turned to a major obstacle before the survival of the group. However, the focus of the critical situation for the group is the imprisonment of Rajavi, on which the group should clarify its position. It can be understood from the responses of MKO that the conditions posed by Americans (for releasing Massoud Rajavi from prison) puts the MKO and Rajavi himself in a difficult and complicated situation. Spreading propaganda on their so-called "third option", holding conferences and resorting to everything to keep the name of organization alive (this is a line ordered by remnants of Rajavi for preserving Ashraf camp) have been done to boost MKO's chances for changing these conditions. In other words, preserving Camp Ashraf is only meaningful when Rajavi's leadership on MKO is preserved. The main condition for the MKO is to quit violent and terrorist methods; accepting this condition would automatically lead to the dismantling of Camp Ashraf and changing the organizational structure and, Massoud Rajavi's leadership role would become less important. Therefore, only accepting this condition will destroy the MKO completely and the MKO's leadership is fully aware of this fact. That's why we see, during past two and half years, that Mojahedin have replaced "asking for referundom" (a very simple and inevitable response of MKO towards Rajavi's imprisonment) with "Third Option". The message of MKO's "Third Option" to the US is that "for encountering Iran, you should use the MKO and the only way for supporting it is to rearm and back it in a military operation". Let's imagine that a very naïve US- without the experience of Saddam's support for this group, lacking the knowledge on MKO's position in the Iranian political scene, and unfamiliar with MKO lies and claims- is dealing with Rajavi or consider the US wants to hear the practicality of "overthrowing the regime" from Rajavi; then, the nonsense words of Maryam Rajavi (repeated during past two years) become a message for Americans, particularly when she says: "You allow us, then Iranian people and we know what to do with this regime"!! This answer won't deceive any expert and in fact it could be considered futile efforts for satisfying those who deal with Rajavi. A lot has been said on MKO's terrorist methods and the effects of such methods in MKO's ideology and organization; for instance, Massoud Rajavi himself has said that if the group withdraws from these inhumane strategies then the group should be dismantled. However, it should be noted that MKO sees no future for itself in the case of accepting this condition, since they have nothing to present in the political scene. In fact, the only thing they can do is to hang on superpowers and wait for global developments… What's important regarding MKO's critical situation is that whether the MKO accepts the US conditions or not, there'll be no changes in its future. If the group accepts the conditions, it has to free 80 percent of the forces it has kept with deception in Iraq; then nothing will remain of the group except a bankrupt small band of terrorists in Europe (with or without Rajavi). If the group doesn't accept the conditions, the US won't recognize it as a political group and the MKO won't be able to stay in Iraq. Anyway, the gang of Rajavi should be considered something of the past. In addition, if they can continue with the current situation, they will eventually end up with destruction since the government and people of Iraq won't stand them anymore, and the defections inside the group won't be helpful for Rajavi.

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