I request you as the Chief Judge of this case: Not to pay attention to the propaganda of MKO, Ask the MKO to negate officially the armed struggle, Ask them to respect democratic principles in their internal and external relations.
Chief Judge of European Communities' Court of First Instance Your Excellency! According to the reports on the website of European Court in Luxemburg, that court is scheduled to hear MKO's case against security and foreign affairs policy of European Union (Case No. T-228/02) on February 7, 2006. By this, MKO is trying to get out of the European Union's list of terrorist organizations. MKO's claims have been repeatedly presented to different courts, including those in the US, but there has been no change in MKO's status. Even the US put it in permanent terror list. According to the website, MKO has claimed that: Its right to defend itself has been violated, It should have the right to encounter suppression and tyranny, It should have the right of fair resistance against Iran, It respects human rights and basic democratic principles, It has the support of international community, It feels being prejudiced due to being listed beside Bin Laden's group, It has never targeted civilians, It is the only resistance movement active inside Iran, and It's defending the peace in the region. Your Excellency, Mojahedin has repeated these claims for one hundred times, but these claims help them only in Western Parliaments where the MKO has been able to deceive a number of European and American politicians. MKO's claim that it has never targeted civilians is totally untrue. The history of MKO shows that it has more than 3 decades of massacre, violence and blind assassinations; they have even murdered American citizens. American employees of "Rockwell International", who were assassinated by the MKO in August 1976 in Tehran, were all civilians. According to the MKO's own documents since 1981, ten thousand civilians have been killed by this group in the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities. All innocent people who were injured and crippled in MKO's mortar attacks during 1998 to 2000 in Tehran were all civilians. Your Excellency, If an armed group rebels in Europe and starts complaining after being suppressed that its rights have been violated, how would you react? The MKO has been in exile in Iraq since 1981; it has no presence in Iran and even in Iraq, it committed horrible crimes against Kurds and Shiites by the order of Saddam Hussein and now it's claiming resistance! Mojahedin compares itself to the resistance of France. French resistance against Nazis was the example of a nation's will to get rid of occupiers. It was full of love and friendship. But what about the MKO? MKO's resistance includes a group of 3000 people, based in Iraq since 25 years ago, who attack its own country time to time to kill innocent people. Your Excellency, An important issue, which has not been mentioned above, is violence and the way the MKO approaches it. Since its inception in 1965, MKO chose violence as a means to get to political goals, which led to the killing of 200000 people. That's why it has been identified as terrorist organization by world's major powers including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and also the European Union. What's important is that the MKO has never abandoned armed struggle officially, but it has even resorted to it organically in all its activities and movements even in Europe. I request you as the Chief Judge of this case: 1. Not to pay attention to the propaganda of MKO 2. Ask the MKO to negate officially the armed struggle. 3. Ask them to respect democratic principles in their internal and external relations 80 million Iranians are looking at your decision. Taking the MKO from the EU's list of terrorist organization won't be good for your security.

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