About the activities of Habilian in the current year, he said: "Reflecting the collected legal cases, holding a meeting with the families of terror victims and representatives of international communities like Red Cross would be among the steps that would be taken in 2006."
Secretary-general of Habilian Association said: "we have collected a list of 16000 terrorism victims and have translated them into English and Arabic. Out of this number, 12000 have been assassinated by the hypocrites (Mojahedin-e Khalq organization) across the country. In an interview with Fars News agency, Seyed Javad Hasheminejad talked about the activities of Habilian Association and said: "Since a year ago, Habilian started identifying the relatives of terror victims and creating legal files for each one to be able to pursue their cases." "After recent developments in Iraq and the fall of Saddam Hussein, terrorist groups that were active in the form of Mojahedin-e Khalq and were a part of Saddam's army went under the control of the US in order to be used to weaken Iran." Mr. Hasheminejad criticized claims of the Western countries, particularly the US, on fighting terrorism and said that their first step to fight terrorism should be the shutting down of centers for plotting against Iran; centers that are supported by them. He reminded that practical works by Habilian started from Ramadan (October) in the city of Mashhad, and added: "The statistics were collected from the Islamic revolution in 1979 until November this year. We want to say to the world that if they claim of fighting terrorism, they should note that we are ourselves victim of terrorism and this high number is a proof for that. They support such terrorist activities under the name of fighting terrorism and democracy. They spend large amounts of money to support terrorist activities against Iran and other independence-seeking countries." He said they had collected acceptable documents and evidences on terrorist activities and that they will pursue the cases legally. "We have had different meetings with Iraqi officials, including Iraqi deputy president; in these meetings, we talked about the activities of terrorist group sin Iraq against Iran. Iraqi officials expressed their opposition to such activities and stressed that they would try and expel MKO criminals. However, we see that these groups are being supported by occupiers and are active along our borders." The son of martyr Seyed Abdulkarim Hasheminejad then stressed the "preparedness of Habilian to pursue the cases of MKO's repentant members to help their freedom" and said: "Habilian, which has four committees (Political, Legal, Cultrual and Human Rights), has interviewed 300 former members of Mojahedin-e Khalq who have returned to Iran and has found interesting points through these interviews such as the fact that the MKO forced our war prisoners to cooperate with it and that it kidnapped border guards and forced them to cooperate." "In October last year, we invited 40 Iraqis (lawyers and tribal leaders from Diali province, where the MKO camp is located) to take part in a two-day seminar on terrorism. On the return of this group to Iraq, we receive good reactions but the MKO has threatened them in order to stop their anti-terrorist activities. "We hold Americans and Iraq occupiers responsible for any possible actions against these people" he added. About the activities of Habilian in the current year, he said: "Reflecting the collected legal cases, holding a meeting with the families of terror victims and representatives of international communities like Red Cross would be among the steps that would be taken in 2006." Then, he asked for the support of international communities and said: "We ask for the support of some countries that claim of being concerned about human rights. We also ask our own government, judiciary and Majlis as well as the media to reflect our voice and support us." "We want the issues related to terrorism be reflected and we have initiated cultural measures to support humanitarian efforts and this requires the assistance of international and domestic groups." Habilian Association can be accessed through its website at:

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