Israelis clearly expressed their view on an Islamic cult they were familiar with: "Israel doesn’t want to put its credibility on supporting as terrorist organization"!
The terrorist MKO's appeasement of foreign powers results from its need for survival and the fact that this group can not continue its activities without having a foreign supporter. After being rejected several times by western governments, the MKO is still sending messages to announc that "We are the ones you are looking for"; this is because there's no way for them to have a supporter like Saddam Hussein who didn't respect international rules and regulations. In this way, Mojahedin repeatedly asked Israel- through its lobby in The US and UK- to support and back the group financially. They repeatedly met officers of Israeli security services in the UK and wondered why they had not spent the energy they used to attract Clinton for winning the support of Israelis! However, as usual, when it came to the formal decision of the governments, even Israel refused to back them. Israelis clearly expressed their view on an Islamic cult they were familiar with: "Israel doesn’t want to put its credibility on supporting as terrorist organization"! However, it seems that the only hope for the MKO, the only one that can replace Saddam, is the lawless regime of Israel that is now entangled in internal and regional crises. MKO has resorted to its Zionist supporter, Rabbi Zucker, to convey their request to the Israelis formally.* Zucker says: "It is time for Israel's Foreign Ministry to start thinking "outside the box". What is meant here is for Israel to take the offensive in its ideological war with the Islamic Republic of Iran and seek a regime change to an anti-fundamentalist government. If Israel had to create such a group, one would call the idea "fantasy". However, there already exists exactly such a group of Iranians who have a forty year track record of opposing despotism and a quarter century history of fighting Islamic fundamentalism "tooth and nail". That Iranian group is the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK), also known as the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), and its political alliance, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) of which the MeK is a constituent member…On the other hand, Israel could well afford to find new friends in her less than safe and friendly neighborhood. Turning her number one enemy into a friend and ally is definitely an act of enlightened self-interest." In fact, by posting this article under the name of Zucker, Mojahedin want to show their regard toward Israel to Americans, otherwise they had not claimed of getting the attraction of Foreign Minister Tsipi Livni and Foreign Ministry Director General Prosor. Zucker writes: "Why the MeK and the NCRI and not some other dissident Iranian group? The MeK and NCRI have the best credentials as anti-fundamentalists. They also have the longest track record of opposing Khomeinism and Islamic fundamentalism. But more important still, despite all the false information suggesting the contrary, MeK and NCRI have the support of the majority of the Iranian people, both inside and outside of Iran." Israelis, with experts on Iran affairs, are well aware that these claims are baseless and if they support terrorist MKO it won't be based on these words but it is a sign of how fragile they are. Apart from the content of Zucker's message to Israeli officials and the motives behind this message, this is a chance for the MKO to clarify its position toward this message and Israel, and to say why they're in contact with number one enemy of the region's Muslims?

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